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A bi-monthly source of positive energy and information for the village of Sayulita, Mexico
Friday, July 3rd, 2015
From the Editor's Desk:

Happy Friday!

The days have been beautiful, sunny, and hot, and the ocean water is warm. So far, this summer has brought little rain to Sayulita, though we should see some rain soon. 

Sayulita is very community oriented and many people who live here have worked very hard to bring about positive change in our community. In this El Sayulero, we are kicking off a new interview series featuring those people, what they have done and continue to do, and why they are passionate about their endeavors. 

 Thank you for reading this edition of El Sayulero,

Stacey Elkins
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A Letter From the Owners

As the season starts to wind down, we are concluding our series of “Destination Wedding” interviews. Next up is a series entitled “Making A Positive Change In Sayulita,” where we will be interviewing local residents who have positively impacted Sayulita in a variety of ways. Our goal here is to share how wonderful people can make wonderful changes in our community, as well as motivate others to do the same. It takes a village!
We hope you enjoy this series over the summer and upcoming tourist season. Please feel free to nominate any interviewees by emailing our Editor, Stacey Elkins.

Ian & Kerry Hodge
Owners, and El Sayulero

Cap Sparling Making a
Positive Change in Sayulita


Cap Sparling is originally from Bellevue, Washington, and has been coming to Sayulita since the 1970’s. His parents bought a lot in 1973 on the South hill, facing the ocean, and built a house over the next year. At the time, the only access was via the beach road and all the materials had to be hand carried up a very steep hill. In 1977, he bought a lot just above the first. There were very few American and Canadian families to own land at the time. In fact, the Sparling family was probably only the 11th or 12th to have bought land here. The town was quiet and the beaches were empty, except for a few surfers and fishermen. As Sayulita grew over the years and Cap spent more time here, he knew he wanted to make a difference.

High Season is Officially Over


Though you would not believe it by the number of tourists in the streets and restaurants, and on the beaches, we have decided to declare an official end to the Sayulita “High Season.” Vacation rental owners are now “officially” authorized to lower their rates to summer season pricing through September. Enjoy the discounts!


Dorsett Photography in Sayulita


Ed Dorsett, owner of Dorsett Photography, specializes in real estate and vacation home photography in Sayulita. “A little over two years ago, I started dabbling in real estate photography when I did a photo shoot of a home for Audrey International Consulting. Last year, I realized there was a real need in Sayulita for a real estate photographer with an eye for architecture. So, I decided to focus more on this and upgraded my equipment,” shared Ed.

Canopy Zip Line with Mi Chaparrita


Photo by Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography

Let me start by saying that zip lining has never been on my bucket list. I don’t like heights and I don’t like speed. That being said, I was fearful about doing the canopy zip line tour with Mi Chaparrita. Just thinking about it made my adrenaline pump and my heart beat faster as I sat in the back of the tour truck on the way to the ranch, a mere five minutes from the Sayulita plaza.

Sayulita Destination Wedding
with Marweddings


Photo by Jillian Mitchell Photography

Missy Garner and Matt Tisdale were both born and raised in Austin, Texas, but it took their two best friends dating in order for them to meet.  A decade and many adventures later, they decided to make it official. They got engaged on Christmas day, 2013, and tied the knot on November 21st 2014.  The couple share with El Sayulero why they chose Sayulita as their wedding destination, what their wedding was like, and much more.

Living in Sayulita in the Summer

Sayulita is breathtaking in the summer as the vegetation turns lush and green from the summer rains, spectacular heat lightning flashes, and beautiful colors of orange, red, and pink fill the sky at sunset. It’s also the time of year when it can be very hot and humid, and many people choose to escape the heat by spending the summer in the States, Canada or a cooler location in Mexico. However, those who stay, tend to love the summers in Sayulita. Amy and John Cawrse, and their 10-year-old daughter, Ava, originally from Bend, Oregon, is one family that chooses to stay. “Bend is super dry heat. It’s the exact opposite of this tropical humidity,” the couple said. Nonetheless, they still find summer to be one of their favorite times of year.


A Toast to the Sayulita Community from the Director of Costa Verde

As the school year at Coste Verde International School comes to a close, I am filled with nothing but gratitude. So to the Sayulita community, I want to make a toast. I want to toast you, every single person in this community that is doing something to make our community a special place. For some this is through employing people in the community, for others it’s through caring for our local environment, and for others it’s through donations of time and money. I am nearing the end of my first year as a member of this community and I am still, on a daily basis, being inspired by people who are giving of themselves to bring joy and beauty to this place.  

New and Featured Sayulita Listings

SOLD: Casa Sol y Luna

Congratulations to Sayulita Investment Realty on another sale! We welcome the new owners to Sayulita!


Casa For Sale: Casa Pelicanos

Excellent investment opportunity. Casa Pelicano is only 3 blocks to the beach and 2 blocks to downtown. It has one bedroom, one bath, and a fully enclosed yard with off-street parking
for two vehicles. It is a titled Property.


Villa For Sale: Villa Pacifico at Villa Amor 

Nestled into the side of a jungle covered hill at the southern end of Sayulita’s picturesque bay, this rental income generator is a great investment opportunity. Titled and furnished villa within the grounds of Villa Amor with all Villa Amor Condominium amenities included. Two large bedrooms and three full bathrooms.


New Rental Property: Treehouse at Punta Sayulita
From $1800/night 

From its perch within the jungle canopy, this unique vacation rental provides spectacular views of Sayulita Bay and the village beyond. Sleeping accommodations consist of three spacious bedrooms. Two master bedrooms offer a king-size bed and a private, en-suite bath. The third bedroom has two sets of bunk beds. Guests of the Tree House can take advantage of the exclusive community Beach Club. 


New Business: Architect Oliver

With over twenty years of experience in architecture, Oliver brings his passion to life in design & construction, making the balance between nature and clients personal needs the main goal to achieve.

SayuParke Update from
the SayuParke Committee

In a little more than one year, SayuParke has gone from a dream to a real-life park that attracts local kids, visiting kids, school kids, and more kids…and their parents and teachers too! Along the way, we were able to engage the community, working together to achieve a common goal. This was no small task. The project brought together over 150 volunteers (from the community and various countries!) and at least 20 local and international businesses, managing to raise close to $10,000 USD! The result is a safe, engaging playground made almost entirely of recycled materials.  

Once the park was completed, we were reminded immediately of the need for ongoing maintenance.  Although sustainability has always been on our minds, some things are easier said than done. We continue to strive toward a “sustainability loop” that keeps the park clean, safe and appealing to young children. Seasonal sponsorship from the Mercado del Pueblo is example of this…and we are grateful! Unfortunately, this does not cover all of our basic needs nor does it allow for equipment maintenance, upgrades and the addition of new play structures. For this, we have resorted to fundraising.

Our first bake sale last year generated about $650!  And our first annual fundraiser held at the park brought in close to $1,000. Funds leftover after paying for the monthly cleaning and maintenance was used for a tetherball and baby swings.

Our goal for the remainder of 2015 is to raise enough funds for at least one year of maintenance and cleaning and to build another play structure. 


We have much more space and our goal is to raise $5000 USD, which will enable us to buy or build 1-2 more pieces of equipment and allow us maintenance of the park for one more year.

Please go online today and donate to Ninos del Sol Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit in New York City that supports our efforts!

Click here to donate now!

Thank you to all of our supporters!


Where is Your Favorite Place
in Sayulita to Take an
Out-of-Town Guest?

Angie Guerrero

The Marieta Islands to see the caves and the hidden beach.
Carlos Azueta
Sayulita Cafe. They have authentic Mexican food and the chili rellenos and chicken mole are really good. 
Tamara Vlaco
San Pancho, Mexico

El Itacate. They have really good gourmet tacos that are different, like chili relleno tacos and jamaica quesadillas. I also take them to SayulitAnimals and show them the clinic.
Greta Gonzalez
San Pancho, Mexico

El Barracuda. I love everything, like the ceviche tostadas. Also, Alas Blancas for the mango margaritas. 

Alejandra Galvan

Patzcuarito beach. I love people to see this beautiful and quiet beach.

Pet of the Week

Photo by Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography

Hi there. My name is Enzo and I'm one of five siblings from Higuera Blanca. Our humans were overwhelmed with all of us and wanted to abandon us to fend for ourselves. Luckily we got to go into the SayulitAnimals addoption assistance program instead. We are all looking for a home now. We are 3 months old, healthy, neutered and vaccinated. Want me?

Contact SayulitAnimals here!
Photo of the Week

Photo by Ed Dorsett with Dorsett Photography
The "Sunset rider" ...a hard day at work.

Announcing The New Sayulita App

There is a brand new app available for Sayulita. Useful for visitors and locals alike, the Sayulita App is full of valuable, free information on what to do and where to go in Sayulita. Info on beaches, SUP, fishing and much more, including photos, tips, articles and maps. You can access all this great information without having to be online to use it.

The best part: You can upgrade the Sayulita App to include coupons and save over $4500 USD at local businesses. So whether you are in Sayulita as a visitor or a resident, live like a local and get the insider discounts with the Sayulita App, where you can save big while supporting local charities.

Sayulita App is available on The App Store and Google Play. Download today! 


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Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.
Ian & Kerry Hodge Stacey Elkins Valorie Vanrheen
Founders Editor Director of Operations
and Social Media

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