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                                  Friday, August 15th, 2014                                              

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From the Editor's Desk: 

Happy Friday!

Sayulita has quieted down and there aren't a lot of activities going on these days, which can see by the lack
of events on our 

However, we are still seeing a decent number of tourists. That being said, the Mexican schools resume on Monday and we likely will see less tourism until high season.

Another restaurant, Don Juan's, has closed for renovations. They will reopen for business on September 20th.

We've been fortunate and have had cooler mornings and evenings lately. A nice reprieve from the heat we were experiencing. 

We've added two new sections this week: Deals & Specials and Quote of the Week. We are in the process of adding more exciting changes.
If you have suggestions on things you would like to see in El Sayulero or ideas to make this newsletter better, please email me at

Thank you for reading,

Stacey Elkins


Articles this Week

  1. Festival Sayulita for a Good Cause
  2. Moving to Sayulita
  3. Sayulita Turtle Patrol
  4. Deals and Specials
  5. Photo of the Week
  6. SayulitAnimals Monthly Membership
  7. Pet of the Week
  8. Quote of the Week statistics for the last 30 days

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Festival Sayulita for a Good Cause


The second annual Festival Sayulita will take place on Wednesday, January 14th through Sunday, January 18th. This four day festival is a celebration of film, music, spirits and surf and will be even bigger and better than its successful debut last year. However, your help is needed to back this project through Kickstarter, which will result in the creation of a world class community center in Sayulita. 

Over 40 films, made throughout the world will be shown at Festival Sayulita 2015. These films include action, documentary, feature films and short feature films. A 70 foot cinema screen will be set up on the beach, giving you an amazing viewing experience. There will also be indoor, matinee viewings.

There will be Mexican and international bands performing throughout this festival. This includes a one day music fest with 8-10 bands onstage. There will also be live music each evening in the plaza.

Enjoy spirits, such as tequila, mezcal, Mexican wines and craft beer. You’ll have the opportunity to sample Mexican artisian spirits and eat delicious multi-course food pairing dinners made by local chefs.

Friday, January 16th will be children’s day and will include festivities in the plaza for the whole family. There will be games and prizes, music, crafts and a children’s feature film at the Casa de la Cultura.

There will also be a surf competition. Opt to compete in the competition or sit on the beach and watch the surfing talent.

All proceeds from this event will go toward building a local community center. This center will be used for activities throughout the year, including films, shows, performances and classes. These activities will be free for community members and will be a great asset to Sayulita. 

To help reach the funding goals of Festival Sayulita, the founders are using Kickstarter to help raise the funds. “We are leveraging the international community to support our local community. This will be a great event for all,” said Gabbi Villarrubia, one of the founders of Festival Sayulita.

To learn more about Festival Sayulita and to help back this great event, check out this festival’s Kickstarter page. Make sure to watch the amazing video featuring Festival Sayulita 2015.



Moving to Sayulita

By Stacey Elkins

Sayulita has become a community of great diversity, a cosmopolitan mix of Mexicans who were born and raised here and travelers from all over the world who have come to call Sayulita home.  On a single street one finds French, Argentinian, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, American and Canadian businesses.  Young travelers, gypsy artisans, families with children and retired couples alike are drawn to this small village. Some only stay a few months, while others come and make Sayulita their permanent home.  Here’s the story of one young family who made the leap.

Mark and Melissa Wehri, owners of Melly Milagro, a photo transfer business, were living what many people consider to be the American dream.  It was 2004, and they were living in Missoula, Montana. Mark was working for a start-up company and as a couple, they were doing complete renovations on a home they purchased.

The next seven years were hectic and stressful as they finished renovations on the home, put it up for sale and began to build a new house next door. Their first child, Owen, was also born during this time frame.

Upon completion of what should have been their dream home, they realized they were completely burnt out. Rather than move into their new home, they turned the keys over to renters and began traveling around Montana. However, friends encouraged them to visit Sayulita.

In August of 2011, Mark, Melissa and three and a half year old, Owen, made their first trip to Sayulita. They immediately fell in love with the community and stayed through September. 

They returned to Missoula, but longed to return to Sayulita. Mark started doing seasonal environmental restoration work and they continued to talk about returning to Sayulita. “I was having dreams about Sayulita. I felt like I was being pulled back there,” said Melissa.

They returned to Sayulita in January 2012, and stayed for two and a half months before once again returning to Missoula. Melissa began selling photo transfer pictures of Sayulita at summer markets. She began to think that perhaps she could sell her artwork in Sayulita.

In January 2013, they returned to Sayulita for 4 months. Melissa began selling her artwork on the street and in markets and was blown away with the success she was having.

They returned to Missoula in April, fully intending to return to Mexico for the winter. However, the couple discovered that they didn’t qualify for resident visas, Mark was offered a good job in Missoula and they found out they were expecting another baby. They decided to stay in Montana, but they weren’t satisfied with their decision. “I’m giving up Mexico for a life here and it isn’t enough,” thought Melissa.

However, when something is meant to be, life has a way of intervening. Melissa received notice that she had been given a permanent spot in the La Cruz Sunday market, a well-known market, which is difficult to gain permanent entry as a vendor. Her lawyer also told her if she were to have her baby in Mexico that would grant the entire family permanent residency.

In November 2013, the Wehri family returned to Mexico to have their second child and to sell artwork at the markets. They planned to stay a minimum of 6 months, but longed to stay longer.  

On February 8, 2014, their daughter, India, was born. Since the birth of India, the family has continued to live fulltime in Sayulita. Their business, Melly Milagro, has been very successful and they’ve worked extremely hard carving out a place for themselves here. “I was doing the Friday market in Sayulita, the Sunday market in La Cruz and now my artwork is being sold at Las Hamacas. It’s been amazing how all of the pieces have come together to make living in Sayulita possible. Every time we start to question if we can make it work here, something positive happens” said Melissa.

The Wehri’s couldn’t be happier about making the move to Mexico. “It’s been amazing to invest in a business, in friendships and to put roots down. We were drawn to Sayulita because living in a village where everything is so accessible by foot enriches the community and our lives. There’s a closeness to the community as you regularly pass and socialize with people on the streets. The pace of life is slower here, there’s a feeling of freedom of living on your own terms and we are surrounded by the beauty of the jungle and the ocean,” the couple said.

If you’d like to learn more about this family, visit their website at


Sayulita Turtle Patrol

                                                   By Stacey Elkins
Turtle eggs found in a nest in Sayulita

A post on Facebook read, “Help needed for turtle patrol. Poachers are stealing nearly all the eggs from Playa Malpasos, a remote and dark beach between Sayulita and San Pancho.  We desperately need a crew out there to get the eggs before the poachers do. It’s a little bit dangerous with human poachers and wild animals. It’s physically demanding (walking several miles on sand), is at night and is often in the rain. There is no pay. If this sounds like your dream job, we need you!”

Now if this post doesn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what will. It certainly caught mine and the threat of danger, which should have made me run, instead made me think, “Hmm, this could be quite an interesting experience.” So, I did what any normal person would have done, I signed up to volunteer.

Slightly after midnight on Tuesday, Eric Steinman, Tess Hamilton, Arturo Monter and I, all Sayulita locals, made our way towards Playa Malpasos. (This beach is just north of Sayulita’s main beach.) The car bounced as we drove along the overgrown, rocky access road off of Highway 200 that leads to the beach.  The night air was cool and it was sprinkling.

We arrived at our destination, where we introduced ourselves to our experienced guides, Juan and Manuel.

They gave us flashlights to see in the dark night. They also gave us wooden sticks that resembled walking sticks and we were told that we were to use these to help find turtle nests buried in the sand. We’re to look for turtle tracks and then push these sticks into the sand, in an attempt to locate the nest. Once the nest has been located, it’s time to dig with your hands.

We walked along the quiet beach and watched sand crabs scurry by us. The only sounds we heard were the waves hitting the shore, insects owning the night and an occasional bird. In the distance, we saw lightening flash and the sky light up in colors of orange and pink. There were no stars to be seen.

It was almost an hour before we found the first nest. The guide said it appeared to have been there about three days. Unfortunately, the tejon, an animal similar to a raccoon with a long tail, found it first, as there were only a few eggs left. (Generally nests have over 100 eggs.)

The eggs looked strangely like ping pong balls and the soft shell surprised me as I held it.

One other nest was found that the tejons also reached first. About 30 more eggs were gathered to be reburied at the turtle camp, where they will hatch.

Slightly after 2:00 am and walking approximately 3 miles, the guides told us that we were calling it a night. I was disappointed that we didn’t see a turtle on shore laying her eggs, but I was happy that we did come across the two nests. Besides, there’s always next time. Maybe that will be the time that I see a turtle.

If you would like to experience this for yourself, contact Joslin Carson at Team Tortuga Malposos Facebook Page


New and Featured Sayulita Listings

For Sale: Lote Miramar

This 6,595 square foot lot is 3 blocks from the beach and 3 blocks from the square. This would be perfect for commercial property. Water, electricity and public sewer is available. 

Click here for more details.


Congratulations to Sayulita Investment Realty on the sale of this building lot! We welcome the new owners to Sayulita!

Click here to see what you missed.


Deals and Specials

The following special will run from Friday, August 15th through Thursday, August 28th. To get this special deal, mention this ad in El Sayulero. 

Monchis -Half price Monchis cheeseburger and fries. Don't forget summer happy hour goes until midnight, so wash down those burgers with a margarita!

Look for new deals and specials in the next El Sayulero!


Photo of the Week

Photo by Marcelo Moreno of Casitas Tortugas
The walking bridge over the river and the lush jungle beyond. 

SayulitAnimals Monthly Membership
SayulitAnimals continues to grow quickly,  like one of our puppies. We need your support to continue our work.

Our monthly costs have grown to several thousand dollars per month and we have NO regular source of donations, earnings or grant funding. Unfortunately, last years' request for Community Members received ONLY ONE DONATION!

We know you can see the difference we make in Sayulita. We need you to get involved! We Need YOU as a Monthly Member!!! Your generosity will spread compassion and save lives!

Monthly Donor Program

Alpha Dog                       $250/month
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To get started on your monthly tax deductible donation simply go to Peace USA.

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PeaceUSA does not charge SayulitAnimals any fees. They will email you, if needed, to clarify to which organization you'd like to donate. 

Please contact us for Canadian Tax Deductible Donations at       

To see all of the great things we do with your donations, please visit our website at SayulitAnimals.


Pet of the Week


My name is Lili and I'm a pup from Sayulita. I belonged to a human, but then one day my skin started to get sick (mange). My human did not want to help me get through this. He abandoned me! I had to find food on the street and became very shy. A kind lady felt pity for me and took me to SayulitAnimals. They started treating me and now after only 6 weeks, I'm almost healed. I am so grateful for my rescue. I can't stop smiling. I love life and people now because I've learned that some humans are actually very nice.

Would you please be one of them and give me a home?

Contact SayulitAnimals here.


Quote of the Week
I love SayulitaLife! It's been so helpful with planning our trip in November. I've booked my rental house and a caterer from this site. I've referred my friends to SayulitaLife and they have all booked lodging through the site also. THANK YOU!

Rebecca, Seattle Washington

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