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Friday, April 10th, 2015
From the Editor's Desk:

Happy Friday!

It's hard to believe that summer is nearly upon us. Many Sayulita part timers have already made their way back home and many more are planning to leave in the next month.

ChocoBanana is making it very easy for everyone to recycle. Simply drop off your cardboard, plastic, glass, and tin there at anytime.

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Stacey Elkins
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Litigoo Organic Surf Wax Company


Clint and Kristen Coddington, owners of Litigoo Organic Surf Wax Company, found a niche to fill in Sayulita when they started asking questions about the surf wax for sale in the area. At approximately 40 pesos a bar, the price is substantially marked up, and they started asking themselves what they could do. “All of the wax here is imported from the States. We’re not aware of any that is made in Mexico. So, we decided that we would make our own,” the couple shared.


Semana Santa in Sayulita

Photo by Ed Dorsett with Wicked Fotos

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is the most widely celebrated holiday in Mexico. This holiday provides a time to vacation, a sort of spring break. Mexican nationals escape their daily routine, coming to celebrate, most notably to beaches, and Sayulita was once again hopping with action during this festive time.

Sayulita Destination Wedding with Playa Bliss Weddings

Photo by Erin Parker Photograhy

Jeff Sterett and Katy Lee Sterett currently reside in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They share a love of skiing, snowshoeing, and being in the outdoors. They both attended the University of Colorado and had a lot of mutual friends (even photos of them together), but they did not officially meet until years later. After dating a few years, they got engaged in January of 2013 in Coronado, California, aboard the Navy destroyer, the USS Sterett, which bears Jeff’s last name. During the tour of the ship, Jeff got down on one knee at sunset, on the aft deck, and proposed. The date of their wedding in Sayulita was 12/13/14, the only thing that Jeff picked! Katy shares more with El Sayulero about why they chose Sayulita as their wedding destination, what their wedding was like, and much more.

Terrenal Organic Products Sayulita

Twenty two years ago, life circumstances caused Barbara Powers to reevaluate her life. Due to an illness, she decided to take a good look at what she was putting into her body and how it affected her. “I had very little knowledge about the nutrients our body needs to maintain optimal health, the meaning of good live food and the disease provoking processed foods that have taken over society. My illness prompted me to start down a learning path. I discovered how the industry had changed our food and destroyed the nutrients they provide. I learned how to read labels to find out about ingredients. I learned about manufacturing processes that destroy the nutrients in live foods and the damage of all the synthetic chemicals and preservatives utilized to flavor and give an attractive presentation of the foods they are creating. In my search for 100% organic food I learned that there were no true 'organic stores' in México,” shared Barbara. 


Pachamama Loves
Calling Sayulita Home

Nathalie Mignot, originally from the north of France, but calling Sayulita home for the past 14 years, has been called a gypsy, being born to parents who instilled a love of travel, and having passed that on to her own son and daughter. She is the owner of the colorful, chic, bohemian boutique in Sayulita, Pachamama, named after the goddess who, in certain indigenous cultures, presides over nature, fertility, and sustains life on Earth.

How long have you had Pachamama?

Stores…I’ve always had. Wherever I set my bag, I always put up a little store.

What Does Pro Sayulita Do For You?


The following is just one example of the impact Pro Sayulita has had in our wonderful town:

Last November my siblings and I took my mother to Sayulita for her 84th birthday. On our third night, we heard her calling for help after we had said goodnight. She had slipped in the bathroom and cut her forehead badly.

As I was the only person with Sayulita experience (I had visited for about 20 years), I realized I needed to figure out how to get her help -- fast. It was 11 p.m. and all I could think of was to run into town and find the doctor I had used in prior years. I kept my fingers crossed, hoping the doctor still lived there.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to run into town. Unbeknownst to me, our house night guard had called Pro Sayulita’s EMTs (Protection Civil EMTs, sponsored by Pro Sayulita). I didn't even know they existed. From that point on, things went as well as possible. They got the bleeding under control and took our mom to the hospital. The next day, she transferred to a private hospital for a MRI. Other than a small scar on her forehead, all is well, thanks to the Sayulita EMTs' fast and professional help. 

Pro Sayulita's EMTs saved our vacation, and my family left feeling Sayulita was a wonderful place to visit. Thank you Pro Sayulita!


Davis Bergmann, Sayulita Visitor


For as little as a $1 a day donation to Pro Sayulita, you can help to fund critical services such as ambulances, EMTs, police, firemen, and cleaning and recycling services.  

You can give at any level, but here are some suggestions: 

Gold Supporter: $500 — $1,000+ (or the sky’s the llimit!)
Silver Supporter: $365 ($1/day) — $500
Bronze Supporter: $50 — $364
Other:  $____________

Supporting Pro Sayulita is easy: Click here to make your donation.

Why Sayulita for Semana Santa?

Mu Espino

Because age doesn't matter. It feels like a young spirit here.
Charlton (CJ) Inije
Atlanta, Georgia
I actually didn't realize it was Semana Santa. I'm here on vacation and staying in Puerto Vallarta, but came to Sayulita for the day.
Paulina Franco

Sayulita is different. It's cool. You can be yourself.
Hugo Franco
Baja California

I think Sayulita is the place to be this year.
Rafael Arizaga

My aunt lives in Sayulita, so we came for the holiday.


New and Featured Sayulita Listings

Sold, Sold, Sold: Casa Marisol

Sold by owner through Congratulations to the previous owner on this sale and we welcome the new owners to Sayulita!


Villa For Sale: Casa Sunshine

Casa Sunshine is ready to move in, with a studio style bedroom, kitchen and storage bodega below, and a roof deck above. There is a private, cobbled access road. There is also plenty of space to expand, as the lot measures nearly 12,000 square feet.

Casa For Sale: Casa Ysuri

Casa Ysuri is a stunning beachront home located in the quiet area of Bucerias, 30 minutes from Sayulita. Four luxury rooms and two master suites, the bedrooms are spacious, fresh, comfortable and with a beautiful view. Casa Ysuri offers a room with jacuzzi, terrace and private pool.

New Business: In Love Photography
In Love Photography was born out of Liliana Marín's urge to share her work that is inspired by love with those who trust in her creativity and perception as a photographer. She aims to capture that intense, happy and spontaneous moment filled with love in one picture.

New Business: Dorsett Photography

Ed Dorsett is an accomplished freelance photographer who resides in Sayulita. In addition to his love of surf photography, Ed also specializes in real estate and vacation home photography.

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Pet of the Week

Hi there. I'm Coyote, a German Sheppard mix. I'm very handsome, I'm super healthy, I'm very strong, and I love my independence. I would like to live on a farm or in a beach house or anywhere with space. I'm kind, I don't have any issues, I simply am a GREAT dog....and you could have me!
Contact SayulitAnimals here!
Photo of the Week

Photo by Ed Dorsett with Wicked Fotos
A man and his dog paddleboarding in solitude in Sayulita.

Upcoming Events in Sayulita

April 10
Live Jazz Steve Goldberg
8:00 PM
Zen Garden

April 12
Live Music & BBQ Bordertown Roots
2:00 to 6:30 PM
Latitude 20

April 16
Latcho & Andrea Gypsy Flamenco
7:00 PM
Don Pedro's
April 17
Mercado del Pueblo
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Calle Revolucion just north of the bridge

April 19
Live Music & BBQ Bordertown Roots
2:00 to 6:30 PM
Latitude 20

April 23
Latcho & Andrea Gypsy Flamenco
7:00 PM
Don Pedro's

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