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                                  Friday, August 29th, 2014                                              

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From the Editor's Desk: 

Happy Friday!

Sayulita is now very quiet, though we are still seeing a few tourists. However, these days you're likely to have the beach mostly to yourself and it's perfect for making special memories. 

A little over a week ago I was sitting on the beach at night with a friend. We were watching a spectacular display of lightening in the distance as a 60 pound turtle approached us. She came within a few feet of us as she made her way past us, to the perfect spot to lay her eggs.

This is just one example of a magical experience in Sayulita in which we are privy to in this beautiful pueblo. 
Feel free to submit to me your favorite memory or experience in Sayulita. Perhaps you will find it in a future El Sayulero.

If you have suggestions on things you would like to see in El Sayulero or ideas to make this newsletter better, please email me at

Thank you for reading,

Stacey Elkins


Articles this Week

  1. An Interview with Camilla Fuchs Photography
  2. Surf Fishing with Sayulita Kayak and Surf Fishing
  3. Origenes Surprising Success on
  4. Sabor Con Magia Private Chef and Catering
  5. Deals and Specials
  6. Photo of the Week
  7. Pet of the Week
  8. Quote of the Week statistics for the last 30 days

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An Interview with Camilla Fuchs Photography

A memory caught on film can be priceless. Camilla Fuchs, with Camilla Fuchs Photography of Sayulita, knows this and takes special care to capture your most intimate and honest moments. This talented photographer was born in Austria, but has since lived and worked in 10 countries throughout Europe, Central America and North America. She’s learned a lot about various cultures, traditions and customs and fluently speaks Italian, Spanish, English and German. Fuchs said, “Every place I’ve been has given me something that I carry with me today. I believe it all reflects in my images.”  
How long have you lived in Sayulita and how did you end up here?
My fiancé and I just moved to Sayulita on August 1st, so I’m brand new in town! I used to do photography here, back in 2009, while I was living in Puerto Vallarta. I drove here almost daily to photograph surf lessons. I fell in love with the town, but for some reason, I wasn’t meant to live here at the time. Now, almost 5 years later, I’ve made it back and I’m very happy to be here!
What is your favorite time of day to photograph in Sayulita and why?
As for many photographers, the best time to shoot is the time just before, until just after sunrise and sunset. In Sayulita, I prefer sunset since you can actually see it in the pictures, whereas the sun rises behind the mountains. The light is soft and warm and it makes everything look even more beautiful.  There are also the spectacular clouds, typical to this region that I absolutely love. During sunset they reflect all those brilliant colors of red, purple, orange and pink from the sun. Who wouldn't want such a gorgeous backdrop for their family vacation portrait?
How would you describe your style of photography?
When I photograph people, I almost naturally tend to "hide" and get the shot when they don't even see that I'm there. I love waiting for that special moment to hit the button and capture the moment. For instance, the special look between couples, a moment of laughter, eyes filled with joy, the look of surprise and excitement in a child’s eyes and the harmony of a family spending time together. This type of photography is called candid, which means the shots are not posed. However, that doesn't mean that I don't do posed shots also. I will shoot group shots, or give my models direction, but for the most part, candid is my favorite style and it’s what I do best.
What types of occasions do you photograph?

I offer photography services for families, couples and for special events, such as birthdays, corporate events and weddings. I also do real estate photography, landscape photography, aerial photography for promotional purposes and even videography, on request. There’s so much that can be done to make a place shine with photography, by bringing out the best side of a location, like Sayulita. I really enjoy making people and places look great!
Do you have a studio in Sayulita? Where do you usually take photos?
I don’t have a studio. My sessions are generally held outdoors, such as in the jungle or at the beach, but also indoors, in hotel facilities or private villas.
Where are some of your favorite locations to do photo shoots in Sayulita?
There are many nice spots in Sayulita and I'm sure there are many I have yet to discover since I’m new in town. However, Playa Patzcuaro is one of my favorite places so far. It's such a pretty beach, so close to town and yet so far from all the tourism. 

What can someone expect if they hire you?
My clients can expect quick responses to inquiries and emails, professional photography and a fun and stress-free photo shoot. If my style of photography is what they’re looking for, they will be very happy with their pictures.
What’s your favorite part of being a photographer?
I get to do what I really enjoy and I’m my own boss. It's a very creative job and I’ve always been creative. There are a million ways to capture a moment, a landscape, an object, or a person. It's all in the eye and creativity of the photographer. It's challenging and exciting! I truly love my job.
When and how did your love for photography develop?
My mom studied photography and my dad was a fine art painter, so from a very young age I was exposed to the "artsy" life and it definitely was in my blood. As a teenager, picking up a roll of film that I had developed was always like unwrapping a Christmas present. I couldn't wait to see how they had turned out! It was still in the days of film when I met a photographer who asked me if I wanted to be his assistant. I jumped on the opportunity and spent two years working with him, learning the ropes and getting a good look behind the scenes of a photographer. From there on I kept taking pictures and slowly developed my own style. In 2008 I branched out and started my own business in Costa Rica.

What’s your favorite memory of capturing a moment?
I once took photos at an "Acro Yoga" seminar in the Baja California. After the workshop,  I took the whole group to a nearby beach to photograph the instructor couple  with their students. The beach was very flat and as the sun set and the tide came out, the wet sand became a mirror, reflecting the bright red sky like I had never seen before. The people doing their Acro Yoga poses were perfectly mirrored as silhouettes. It was absolutely incredible! Combining nature and people in such a beautiful way is very special. This has to be one of my favorite photo shoots ever. 

If you would like to learn more about Camilla Fuchs Photography, see examples of her work or schedule a photo shoot, please reach out to her at Camilla Fuchs Photography in Sayulita.



Surf Fishing with Sayulita Kayak and Surf Fishing

By Stacey Elkins

It was still pitch black when my alarm clock sounded Tuesday morning, indicating that it was time for me to get up. I'm not generally an early riser, nor do I like to get up early, but it's the early bird that gets the worm, right? Or in my case, I was hoping the fish.

My friend, Eric Steinman, and I met Jorge Pantoja, owner of Sayulita Kayak and Surf Fishing at 7am in the plaza. We headed to Sayulita's main beach, where Jorge patiently taught me how to properly cast a fishing pole. He also explained that the location of the pelicans in the water is indicative of where the sardines are, which he caught in a net for bait.

As the sun slowly rose, colors of pink, orange and red filled the sky and were reflected on the sand and water. Aside from a few fishermen, there was no one else on the beach. The tranquility didn’t go unnoticed as the waves crashed on the sand and hit my bare feet while I practiced casting without the line going wildly to the right. However, I was told that I was releasing the line with my finger too quickly and from that directive was able to cast much more efficiently.

We headed to Playa Carricitos, a pristine beach just south of Sayulita with majestic rock formations. We walked north on the beach until we reached the end and began to climb up and over the rocks.  After about 15 minutes, we reached a beautiful private cove, which Jorge told us was ideal for catching needle fish. These fish are slender and silver with mouths full of sharp teeth, and from what I hear, are pretty tasty eating.

The waves were huge due to Hurricane Marie and while it wasn’t ideal fishing conditions, Jorge stressed that safety was key. He explained wave sets and how there would be 8 large waves, followed by approximately 2 minutes of relative calm.

During this time, he threw a handful of sardines into the water to excite the fish while Eric and I ran closer to cast our poles. The second time that we were casting, the waves swept up, water drenched me from head to toe and sand clung to my hair. Lesson learned: I should have worn my bathing suit.

The waves continued to get larger as the tide came in and the conditions made fishing nearly impossible.  Jorge suggested we head back to the main beach and give fishing a shot there.

At the main beach, we waded out into the ocean until we were about calf deep in water. We tried to fish, but big waves continued to crash in. Jorge patiently untied knots from my fishing line after I got the line hooked around my ankles. The only thing that we caught, other than myself, was a pelican, which was also on accident. Jorge gently took the bird off the hook and it continued on its way.

While we didn’t catch anything on Tuesday, it was still great fun to spend the day with Jorge. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fishing, is patient and offers great direction. In fact, I enjoyed the day so much that I plan to go fishing with him again in a few weeks.

Yesterday I was nicely surprised when Jorge called to say that he had been kayak surfing and caught some Jacks, which are similar in taste to Tuna. Eric and I met him at Villa Amor and he kindly gave us a fish which made for excellent sashimi.

Perhaps next time I will catch a fish like the one shown in the picture above, and hopefully my muscles are strong enough to reel it in.

If you’d like to experience surf fishing or kayak fishing for yourself, reach out to Jorge at Sayulita Kayak and Surf Fishing.


Origenes Surprising Success on

                                                   By Stacey Elkins

The doors for Origenes David Luna first opened this past January in Sayulita. This store, known for it’s intricately designed and brightly colored leather purses, has seen great success. Pepe Kabande, one of the owners, has been very pleasantly surprised how business has evolved from in store sales to both in store and online sales.

Pepe wasn’t expecting inquiries for online sales to come through his ad in However, potential customers emailed him asking if they could order items online, asking for more details about items shown in his ad and if he shipped to the United States and Canada.

He was surprised to learn that most of these people had never even been to Sayulita. “Most of the people who have ordered items through have not been to Sayulita, nor do they know me. They hear about Origenes David Luna based on word of mouth. For instance, someone may complement another’s purse and they are told it was bought in Sayulita at our store. From there, the person finds my webpage through Google,” Pepe said.

These inquiries got the ball rolling for online sales, but it has been a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of Pepe. “I’m learning a lot as I go. Personally, I’ve never even bought anything online and didn’t believe in online sales until now,” he said.

Pepe opened a PayPal account and started to open up to the idea of selling items online. “I started wondering ‘How can I make these bags look the best in photos?’ I worked like crazy to find the best angle and lighting to shoot photos and updated the photos on my ad. I also added the names of the purses and the prices.”

Meticulous customer service is very important to Pepe. If someone emails inquiring about an aqua purse, he will take photos of every aqua purse in the store and email them. All emails are directly answered by him and he is very thorough in his response, giving exact dimensions and details. He personally checks each item before it is shipped to ensure it is in tip-top shape and he hand packages them.

Pepe is very thankful with the success he has seen. According to him,“It’s been great because approximately 50% of our sales during this low season have come from I highly encourage other local business owners in Sayulita to consider working with to help with online sales. This could also help these owners to generate more income during low season.”


Sabor Con Magia Private Chef and Catering

It’s breathtaking when one’s passion in life and one’s work is combined. Fortunately, this is the case for Roberto Escudero with Sabor Con Magia Private Chef and Catering. “It’s more than just work, it’s a need. It’s a consciousness to connect the food with the body,” he said.

Roberto was born and raised in Oaxaca, where his love for cooking began to develop as a child. “My mother is my biggest inspiration. She’s an amazing cook and creates dishes with a lot of soul. Mexican families like to pass down to their children what they know, so my mother began to teach me how to cook,” stated Roberto.

His mother was also in the chef and catering business, cooking for quinceaneras, weddings and graduations. She invited Roberto to assist her with her work and the seed for his passion of cooking began to sprout. “At 15 years old I made my cooking debut. I made 40 liters of cream of mushroom soup for a quinceanera. My mother tasted it, approved and said, ‘You’re ready,’” Roberto commented.

He continued to gain cooking skills and studied gastronomy to complement what his mother taught him. Four years ago, he moved to Sayulita, first managing the kitchen of various restaurants in the area. Three years ago, he started Sabor Con Magia Private Chef and Catering.

Roberto loves fusions of vegetarian dishes with traditional Mexican food. For instance, he might make a mole without the use of lard, rather using a vegetable broth reduction.  “I like to make food that is more natural without artificial hormones.” Roberto stated. He does cook with meat, but only uses local meat that is in it’s most natural state. For instance, he won’t purchase already packaged meat. “You can find really great fresh meat here in Sayulita because there are a lot of local ranchers,” he said.

“I cook with passion. To me, cooking always starts with passion. It’s about what you have in your heart, not in your mind. The special ingredient is love,” Roberto said.

Roberto is available to cater special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. He does private catering for couples, family dinners and groups. This high season he will also be offering a mole class, ‘Holy Mole.’ For more information or to hire Roberto, contact him through Sabor Con Magia Private Chef and Catering


New and Featured Sayulita Listings

New Business Listing
Rodeo Sayulita

This local bar has different genres of music and karaoke each night, as well as live music. Great deals include buy one margarita or mojito and get the second free and a free shot of tequila with your first beer. 

Click here for more information.
New Business Listing
Buonissimo Italian Gelato

Located on the corner of Calle Delfines, this spot offers more than just an array of authentic Italian gelato flavors. Enjoy Italian coffee, pizza, crepes, waffles, bagel sandwiches and more. 

Click here for more information.
New Business Listing
Manjares Exquisite Cuisine

Located in the center of Sayulita, this restaurant serves up traditional Mexican cuisine. Here you will find delicious homemade tacos and tortillas, along with fresh grilled fish, mouthwatering steaks and a variety of authentic dishes.

Click here for more information.

Deals and Specials

The following special will run from Friday, August 29th through Thursday, September, 11th. To get this special deal, mention this ad in El Sayulero.

La Terrazola - Get 30% off your entire bill. 

Look for new deals and specials in the next El Sayulero!

Photo of the Week
Photo by Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography
One of Sayulita's many little river mouths, reflecting a beautiful sunset and the houses on the lush hill at the south end of the main beach.


Pet of the Week


My name is Rosie and I'm a 4 month old pup. My 3 siblings and I were abandoned near a beach close to Sayulita. All of us were scared of people because all we experienced up to our rescue was abuse and neglect from the human kind. But through SayulitAnimals, and it's wonderful foster program, I got to trust people and I'm no longer shy. I'm healthy, vaccinated and spayed. My 3 sisters are all adopted and I'm so ready for a loving home too. 

Do you want me?

Contact SayulitAnimals here.


Quote of the Week
I want to say good job, well done in taking on SayulitaLife editing. My wife and I are in the final stages of buying a home in Sayulita and the presence of SayulitaLife was an important part of our decision to buy here.

I am pleased to see the quality and positive tone of your writing. I especially enjoy your notes about the vibes of the town, the weather and the information such as Sara of Lulus being available at SayulitAnimals. The turtle egg story is fun and well written. 

We will be making our fourth visit this year, for the last two weeks of August. I'm so excited to see for the first time the heat and storms of the rainy season.

Joe, Salt Lake City, Utah


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