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Friday, March 6th, 2015


PLEASE go to the Sayulita Farmer's Market RIGHT NOW and get your
Pro Sayulita Fundraiser tickets!

If you have already purchased them, then relax, grab a coffee, and enjoy this special edition El Sayulero.
From the Editor's Desk:

Happy Friday!

This special edition of El Sayulero is all about 
Pro Sayulita's highly anticipated annual fiesta and everything Pro Sayulita related.

And now, a word from Pro Sayulita: 

This is our tenth year of supporting the pueblo we all love and return to every year. Pro Sayulita Fiestas have always been the “party of the year” to attend and a really fun way make your donation.

2015 is no exception as Don Pedro's provides the amazing venue with sit down dinner, and volunteers make your evening sizzle with music, a Mercado, lively auctioneering and dancing the night away.

Don't be disappointed; buy your tickets now from the Mercado del Pueblo, La Hamaca, online by clicking here, or from volunteers. As always, we will see you there as doors open at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 for our Tenth Anniversary Celebration.

Also, a special announcement from Carol Ashwell, Secretary of Pro Sayulita:

The Pro Sayulita Annual General Meeting has been postponed. The meeting will take place now on Wednesday, March 18th at the River Café starting at 6:30pm for voting members and then at 7:00pm for all members. The meeting has been postponed in order to complete the slate of nominees for board position. We would like to encourage anyone willing to stand for a position to notify Carol Ashwell as soon as possible. There are three vacant positions. We will use this extra time to ensure that we have an enthusiastic board with a wide range of skills. It is a huge asset if the board members are here full-time, but not mandatory. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Hope to see you there.

Thank you for reading this edition of El Sayulero and we hope to see you at the Pro Sayulita Fundraiser!

Stacey Elkins
An Appeal From the Owner's of Sayulita Life:

Kerry and Ian Hodge moved to Sayulita almost 15 years ago.  At that time Sayulita really was a small fishing village with little need for outside support or assistance.  Over the years we have all watched the town (and its economy) grow and mature at an accelerated rate when compared to the rest of the country.
Unfortunately, as with many places in the world, the governmental support with services many of us take for granted in our “home” countries has not be able to keep up with Sayulita’s demand.
On a positive note, the 100% donation-based ProSayulita group has been able to fill in for these lack of services and provide a monumental change in Sayulita helping to keep the village clean, safe, and prepared for more growth to come.
We can assure our readers that without ProSayulita’s efforts, Sayulita could not offer the safety and cleanliness we all experience on a daily basis.
On behalf of all of’s advertisers and newsletter subscribers, Kerry and Ian would like to thank all of the past and present members of ProSayulita as well as all of YOU who have generously donated funds over the years.
As all Sayulita home and business owners know, our tax rates here in Mexico can in no way sustain what Sayulita needs to maintain our excellent quality of life.
Please consider a partial “tax supplement” and make a generous donation today to this organization that the entire village of Sayulita is so fortunate to maintain.

Ian & Kerry Hodge



Fiesta Live Auction Auctioneer, Rollie Dick, back for an Encore Performance!

Intrepid Pro Sayulita President, Jack Jones, has enticed the inimitable Rollie out of “Retirement #2” as a fan-favorite for this year’s Fiesta Auctioneer!


An inside look from Jeanne Dick:

Let me tell you about my husband, Rollie.  Sometimes he doesn’t see it, and sometimes he doesn’t believe it, but I have never known anybody who so easily and honestly relates to people, and I mean all people. Now, sometimes that makes it a little hard on me because when he relates to all those people, when he really cares about them, he can forget us at home. But, he really cares about us, too.
Of all the people he has ever met, I believe he loves those here in Sayulita most; Mexican and Gringo. His love for this pueblo is unbounded. If all things were equal, this is where he would be. This is where his heart is.
Now, given all of this, if I were you, and I had a little money, I might not go to the Fiesta. Rollie knows who you are and I guarantee you will leave with your wallet much thinner than when you came. He knows how to do that.

So, there is the possibility that the auction this year might just be a lot of fun. Bring a lot of money and join in the fun. I know Rollie can barely wait to get it going.


A sneak peek at just one of the many items that Rollie will be auctioning off:

Evelyne Boren Live Auction Item
Original Watercolor
30” x 22”, Value:  $4,200 USD

Debuting Fiesta’s Mercado/Marketplace
Written by Suzanne Gravelle

This year at the Pro Sayulita Fiesta Fundraiser, we will once again be offering you wonderful, donated items from our generous supporters. However, this time around there is no need to go running back to see if you were able to purchase your favorite items, because this is not a silent auction, but a Mercado/Market! You will be able to pick up all of the wonderful items you desire at discounted prices, still get a good deal and raise funds for Pro Sayulita and all of its programs. We will even have Pro Sayulita shopping bags for sale in which to carry home all of your treasures! The Mercado will open for viewing only from 5 to 5:30, and then let sales begin! Cash, Paypal and Credit Card sales will all be available.
Click here for a Taste of Discounted Items at the Mercado

Live Auction Items

1. AN IMPORTANT WORK OF ART FROM SAYULITA’S PREMIER WATERCOLORIST! Internationally renowned artist Evelyne Boren’s original framed watercolor Birds Eye View depicts the pueblo of Sayulita from a western perspective,” A Bird’s Eye View”. Evelyne’s watercolors and paintings are in hundreds of collections worldwide. This is your chance to become one of Evelyne’s elite collectors. The work measures 35” x 42”, and is on display.

Value: $4,200 USD


LES BOUGAINVILLIERS is unlike any house you’ve ever seen. It was built around 1750, and renovated by a French architect. Les Bougainvilliers offers enormous character, charm, comfort, and LOCATION! You’ll be 15 minutes from the exquisite town of Aix-en-Provence, not much further from Avignon and Arles, close to the hilltop villages in the Luberon and only 30 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.

This splendid old house offers the real deal “French Experience” -- stroll to the boulangerie for warm croissants, sip in an outdoor café, shop at the farmers’ market, then return home to open the wine and prepare a meal full of French flavor to savor in the courtyard. Voilà!

The house sleeps up to 8 people with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.

Available August 15 - 22 or November 7 - 14.
Value: $1200 USD       



Escape with that special someone for a one-night stay in a Casita Room, opening to a private ocean view, breakfast included. Between hushed mountains and the endless Pacific, on an undiscovered crescent of pristine beach, Four Seasons invites you to a private haven of pure indulgence.

Valid one year. Subject to availability, holidays excluded.

Enjoy a scrumptious evening meal, compliments of our friends at the nearby Café des Artistes, for two people - a three-course bistro meal and a glass of wine. Does not include 15% service charge; requires reservations, not during holidays. You may use the dinner and hotel separately, of course.

Effective one year, until March 11, 2016
Package Value: $1,800 USD



A 5-night stay for up to 4 guests in a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo with A/C. Your stay also includes a special treat-- for one evening, a chef will come and prepare your dinner (you buy the ingredients). A private Yoga Session is also included. This one of a kind experience at Villa Amor is thanks to Barbara Roche.

Available weekdays. Not available for New Year’s holiday. Good for one year.

Value: $2,500 USD



Sneak away from the hustle and bustle for two nights in a Serena Suite at this breathtaking resort and spa. La Tranquila Resort is an oasis of peace and tranquility, a magical hideaway on the Riviera Nayarit in Litibu. Your two bedroom suite comes with one king bedroom and a room with twin beds. There is a fully equipped kitchen, dining room and living room. The balcony is fully furnished too. Immerse yourself in one of the seven swimming pools or simply relax in one of the many Jacuzzis. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or exercise in the fully equipped gym. Take the plunge!  You deserve it!

During your two night stay, enjoy a round of golf for four at Litibu Golf. Designed by Greg Norman, you will find a challenging course where seven holes are "link" style holes and eight other holes are surrounded by virgin jungles. The last three Litibu golf course holes run along the Pacific Ocean with impressive views of Punta Mita and Mexico's western coastline. Finally, enjoy a wonderful dinner and wine pairing for four at Carolina’s, the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort’s Award Winning signature restaurant. Carolina’s offers a seductive blend of bespoke service, casual luxury, romantic ocean views and distinctive flavors.

Valid through March 11, 2016.
Package Value:  $1,500 USD   


Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. The liquid or paste is then applied to a wood panel. The technique produces vibrant colours previously only seen in nature. This work depicts an ocean inspired seascape. Zoey’s work is very collectible and can be seen in many high end homes in Puerto Vallarta. Tonight is your opportunity to collect one of her pieces of art.

Value: $500 USD      

The Fiesta Menu by Don Pedro's

A Personal History of
Grupo Pro Sayulita

Written by Eric Rudd

Barbara and I first stepped foot in Sayulita in 2005. I didn’t hear about GPS until the following winter when I bumped into a volunteer selling tickets on the plaza for a fundraiser. Marcos Scott and ten other incorporators had started GPS to tackle some specific issues (he had started an earlier incarnation that morphed into the present-day GPS). The biggest one was to raise 10% of the money for a new sewer treatment plant that the government offered to build. I think that was the issue that rallied the community and established the first fundraising efforts. As it turned out, the government paid for the basic plant, so the money raised was put to a related use - to make all those sewer connections all over town that the government was not paying for; this prevented waste water from going into the rivers. If you lived in Sayulita, how could you not be in favor of better water and sewer systems? 

Micki Cunningham Remembers
Written by Judith Greber

When Micki Cunningham first came to Sayulita, three decades ago, she climbed the hill on which Don Pedro’s event Palapa now stands and took a picture of the sweeping arch of Sayulita. That photo shows a grand total of two homes.

Pro Sayulita's Accomplishments

Written by Cheryl Vaughan

Over the past 10 years, ProSayulita has accomplished so much. Here are the major ways your money was used to support programs in 2014.

Partners – SayulitaAnimals, Campamento Tortuga, Vigilantes Ambientes, Eco Sayulita

Operations –   Water Testing, Legal costs for filing applications, etc., Community Projects Liaison, Accountant

Emergency Services – Lifeguards

Security Support  –  Rent, utilities, and food for police and emergency services
Transportation – Fuel and maintenance for equipment

Fundraising – La Fiesta, El Rancho Dinner, Membership

**costs would be much higher without the generous donations of Don Pedro’s, Ruben’s, Las Hamacas accomodation, and all other donors and volunteers. This makes our fundraising efforts viable.

Sayulimpia –  Salaries and benefits for employees, Rent and utilities for recycle depot, Maintenance of equipment, Vehicle Registration
This list reflects the actual cost outlay for services and support.  This does not take into account the generous donations of time, materials, homes and business venues from all our donors.

Some of the highlights of past years include:

Raising $100,000 for the water treatment plant.

Renovating the schools, electrical, fans, new classrooms, computer labs, lunch areas, science lab, and many other structural improvements, as well as English classes.

Bathrooms at the ball field.

Continued daily beach clean up.

Working with Firemen Crossing Boarders we were able to purchase a fire engine and ambulance, as well as establish a Civil Proteccion office in Sayulita.

Words From Former
Pro Sayulita Presidents


“Pro Sayulita is a wonderful example of how many hands make light work. Pro Sayulita has been part of so many positive contributions to Sayulita, it is difficult to think of a public works project that has not included someone from ProSayulita. The group and those who contribute are to be lauded for helping better Sayulita.”

-Nicholas Sherman

I took over as President of GPS when Marcos Scott got wrapped up in some issues that required him to leave GPS…  I was at the helm for a bit less than two years and found the work wonderful and the support from the community sensational. I had run a corporation in the US for 13 years and had learned a lot about management there and also goal setting. So, I brought that expertise to our weekly meetings and we organized around various committees, some that were outside groups we helped fund and others were part of GPS. We were always open to listening to anyone who had good ideas about how to make the village a better place and, if we liked the idea, we would create a committee to manage that idea. Eric’s books brought in a lot of money as did the annual fund raising event and all those funds were put to good use including the public schools, garbage collection, recycling and so on. It has been some years since I was president of GPS and I know that there was a huge amount of enthusiasm both in the meetings and in GPS overall. I was honored to be part of that time.
-Cap Sparling

Ambulance Service Appreciated


Cristina Benitez, a part-time resident of Sayulita and Chicago, suffered a serious fall with injuries to her head in January, and she has nothing but praise for our emergency services. “Before I knew it, the ambulance was there, the EMTs reassuring me, communicating easily, taking care of my injuries and getting me to further medical help. I am grateful for each and every person involved, and amazed that there was no charge for all this excellent and immediate service.”

Saving Lives Everyday


Life Saving Report by Janice Parker, Pro Sayulita Volunteer and
North Beach Life Saving Volunteer


All the rescues reported below were made by volunteers. The people being rescued were all caught in the riptide and were far out, most calling for help. Without the bravery of the volunteers, most of these people would have drowned. Note that this report only outlines the rescues that I am personally aware of. I am certain there have been many more than I am reporting.
Dec. 15 - Two separate rescues performed by Surfers. The surfers were alerted by people on the beach to go out.
Dec. 19- Two separate rescues similar to above.


Why We Support Pro Sayulita

Written by Luz Maria Hernandez & Teresa Hanratty

Ten years ago, we were fortunate enough to buy a casa in Sayulita. As a couple, we had dreamed about owning a house in a beach community. One of us is Mexican and the other one American, so buying in Mexico made sense for us. When we first arrived, we immediately fell in love with the pueblo and its people. 

Even though Luz Maria is Mexican, we were a bit shocked by the lack of fundamental public services, such as reliable garbage pick up, recycling, animal control, lifeguards, ambulance, bomberos (firefighters), water treatment plant, public restrooms, etc.

After spending some time here we quickly understood that many of us -- both Mexican and foreign -- were buying or building homes and businesses in a town that lacked the infrastructure to support them. In addition, we pay very little in property taxes compared to what we would in the U.S.

During our first stay, we saw a poster promoting a fundraiser for what was then, Grupo Pro Sayulita (GPS). We knew no one in town, knew nothing about GPS, but thought it would be fun to go. At that fundraiser 10 years ago, we learned all the incredible things that GPS, now Pro Sayulita, does for our town and we started to meet the wonderful, tireless volunteers who make up Pro Sayulita. 

Since then, we have been ardent Pro Sayulita supporters -- both financially and with our time. We know some people in town have complaints about the group. Nothing is perfect- but we know the board members and volunteers have positive intent and are honest, dedicated, hard workers. They are truly trying to make Sayulita a better place to live and work. 

For us, it comes down to this: our town is better off because of the work Pro Sayulita does and the programs it supports. Whether it’s your time or your money, or both, we encourage you to support ProSayulita...and come to the Fiesta - it’s a blast!


A Few Photos From
Last Year's Fiesta


Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.
Ian & Kerry Hodge Stacey Elkins Valorie Vanrheen
Founders Editor Social Media

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