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Friday, March 13th, 2015
From the Editor's Desk:

Happy Friday!

The Pro Sayulita Fundraiser was this past Wednesday night, and if you missed out on it, you missed a great time. Below you will be able to read a short story about this event. However, make note that more information about this fiesta, such as the amount of money raised, will be discussed at their Annual General Meeting, coming up next Wednesday, March 18, at 7:00 pm at the River Cafe. Hope to see you all there! 
Tomorrow, Saturday, is the Riveria Nayarit sponsored beach clean up. (It will be every second Saturday of the month.) Meet at the plaza at 10am to help make a difference in our community. Garbage bags and gloves will be provided.

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Stacey Elkins
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Pro Sayulita Fundraiser

Photo by Georgia Glennon with Georgia Glennon Photography

The night was buzzing with excitement on Wednesday, March 11th, as approximately 270 partygoers attended the 10th annual Pro Sayulita Fundraiser. Don Pedro’s palapa was transformed into a sea of color, with bright, bold colors in shades of blue, pink, purple, orange, and green, in the form of cloth table coverings, handmade paper flower centerpieces, and decorations galore. Most people were dressed to the nines, though it wouldn’t be Sayulita if the few in shorts and flip flops weren’t in attendance.


Audio Services Sayulita
- DJ Paladub


Rodolfo Palafox, aka DJ Paladub, and owner of Audio Services Sayulita, has been a Sayulita DJ for five years now. He first started DJ’ing 12 years ago, but his love for music started long before. “I have always been attracted to music since I can remember,” he shared.

Reinventing Oneself in Sayulita

Photo by Joann Arruda with Joann Arruda Photography

Perhaps you dream of picking up and living a different kind of life elsewhere, or perhaps, like Marilee Woolace, owner of Quiverito Surf Shop, you have reinvented yourself in another location. Five years ago, Marilee was living in Portland, Oregon and had a successful career with Nike as a graphic designer. “I was living what is supposed to be the American dream. I had the car, the house, a good job….everything I was supposed to have. And I still found myself thinking, ‘this is it?’” Marilee confided.

Toe Reading by Sayulita Clarity Alternative Therapies

Up until a few months ago, I had never heard of such a thing as toe reading. Prior to my session with Angela Wieland from Sayulita Clarity Alternative Therapies, I joked with friends that she couldn’t possibly predict that I would have four children because I’m simply too old. However, I was wrong in my assumption that toe reading has anything to do with fortune telling.


SayulitAnimals Public School Outreach Educational Program

Marianna Berdejo is a professional animal trainer, specializing in wildlife, but also domestic animals, such as dogs and cats. A party brought her to Sayulita 10 years ago, and she knew this is where she wanted to live. She moved from Cancun to Puerto Vallarta, and started her own animal training business, while also establishing relationships with rescue organizations in the area, offering fostering and rehabilitation services. She also began working with a dog sanctuary which in time led to her providing tours to local school children. This experience put her on the path to teaching kids. It was during this time that she met Sara Briner from SayulitAnimals, and began offering behavioral advice for troubled animals.

Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita


Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita, also known as the Sayulita Turtle Camp, is composed of a group of volunteers who work all year long and are committed to saving the sea turtles in our community. During the main season (from June to February), volunteers patrol the beach at night to protect the turtle nests until the eggs hatch and the babies are released.


What do You Like Most About
the Mornings in Sayulita? 

Matt Mohill
Bend, Oregon

Waking up to the crisp air and looking out at the ocean.
David Cameron
I like cycling up to Patzcuarito to go fishing or to meditate before anyone gets up.
Chris Porter

The stillness before everything livens up.
Nadia Mahmud

The smell of the humid chill with the sun shining through the clouds. I also like the calmness of the ocean and beach, as if no one has ever been there.
Shelly Labovitz
Punta de Negra

I like that everything is in transition...from dark to light, cool to warm, and serenity to business. It is such a transition, and the sunrise is amazing and symbolic of it.


New and Featured Sayulita Listings

Villa For Sale: Casa Rincon

A four bedroom, duplex-style home on a fully enclosed corner lot. Great for vacation rental, large families or multiple ownership. Each level has two bedrooms, one bath, and a kitchen. Lots of outdoor terrazzo space, tropical gardens, handcrafted tile and stonework throughout. 

New Business: La Tranquila
Restaurant, Wedding Venue, Beach Club
La Tranquila Resort and Spa, just 10 minutes from Sayulita, located in the exclusive area of Punta de Mita. La Tranquila offers Sayulita visitors an exclusive, luxurious option for dining, day trips to the spa and Sayulita beach club, and features an exquisite Sayulita wedding venue for the increasingly popular Sayulita Mexico destination wedding.

New Business: Litigoo Surf Wax
Organic Surf Wax

All Litigoo waxes are locally produced in Nayarit, Mexico and all ingredients are 100% sourced from Mexico and hand selected for quality and texture. Litigoo Cera Orgánica contains neither petroleum nor paraffin. It contains only 100% natural and organic ingredients.

New Business: Terrenal Sayulita
Organic Products
This store is part of the Terrenal group of organic stores founded and led by Barbara B. Powers. They are dedicated to supporting better health for you and your family with their organic foods that nurture.

New Business: LMC Architects
Architectural Firm
Luis Manuel Carcamo, experienced head of the firm, is originally from Mexico City. Luis strives for his
projects to promote the sensitive integration with the enviroment and opening spaces in order for nature to be an integral part of the project.


New Business: Dumay's Fishing and Snorkeling

Caesar Plascencia, grew up with a father who was a fisherman, and has spent many days in the local Sayulita waters. Coming from a family of fishermen, Ceasar has always earned his living from the sea and looks forward to welcoming you to his beautiful boat where everyone always has a great time and catches fish!
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Bite This: The Coconut Shrimp
at Tierra Viva


Tierra Viva is a small and romantic spot, all outdoors, one block from the beach at Calle Martin 10. I wish I could tell you that I have eaten through the entire menu such as the New York Times restaurant critic. But I can’t lie. For as much time as I spend reading through the varied menu, I always have the coconut shrimp. Why? Because it is coconut shrimp like no other.


Punta Sayulita SUP Classic



The upcoming Punta Sayulita Classic will take place from March 20-22, and is looking for volunteers Thursday through Monday. Email Leyla at or come by Stand Up Sayulita to sign up to volunteer.

Check out the schedule of events:

Thursday, March 19
5:00-8:00pm Athlete Check-In and last chance to register- Punta Sayulita Beach House

7:00pm Punta Sayulita Welcome Cocktail – Punta Sayulita Beach House

7:30pm Mandatory Athlete Meeting – Punta Sayulita Beach House

10:00pm Drinks at Tigres Bar

Friday, March 20th

8:30am Amateur SUP Surf athlete Check-In heat #1 – Tigres Surf School

9:00am Amateur SUP Surf Start

1:00pm Free Kids Clinic and Beach games – Punta Sayulita Beach event site

2:30pm Relay Races!!! – Punta Sayulita Beach event site

3:30pm Amateur SUP Surf Finals athlete Check in – Tigres Surf School

4:00pm Amateur SUP Surf Finals

Saturday, March 21st

8:30am PRO SUP Surf athlete check-in heat #1 – Tigres Surf School

9:00am PRO SUP Surf Start

11:30am Amateur 4k Race athlete check-in – Punta Sayulita event site

12:00pm Amateur 4k Race Start – Punta Sayulita event site

1:30pm PRO Elite Race athlete check-in – Punta Sayulita Event site

2:00pm PRO Elite Race start

3:30pm PRO SUP Surf Finals athlete check-in – Tigres Surf School

4:00pm PRO SUP Surf Start

Sunday, March 22nd

8:30am PRO SUP Surf Finals athlete check-in – Tigres Surf School

9:00am PRO SUP Surf Finals start

11:30am Fun Race 2k athlete check-in – Punta Sayulita event site

12:00pm Fun Race 2k start

1:00pm PRO Distance 10k athlete check-in

1:30pm PRO Distance 10k Race start

5:00pm Awards Ceremony and Beach Celebration – Punta Sayulita beach event site

10:00pm Event After Party – Estela Bar


Celebrando el Ritmo Show    


Come celebrate Rivers of the World with Celebrando el Ritmo (Celebrate the Beat) on March 26th at 6pm in Plaza del Sol, San Pancho. This is their 7th year in Rivera Nayarit, along with their 7th theme. Each year Celebrate the Beat has a curricular theme incorporated into classes. In years past the program has celebrated colors, outer space, and even Dr. Seuss’ book, The Lorax.

This year they are bringing 150 dancers from Costa Verde International School and San Pancho together to discover rivers from around the world. The show will have a live band and the music selection is from wide variety.

The youngest class of 1st and 2nd graders will dance the samba as they explore the animals of the Amazon River. Dancers from the 3rd and 4th grades will dance to traditional Maderin music with a new age twist, as they harvest rice on the Yangtze River. Older classes include Bhangra music for the Ganges River in India, a Siente rhythm from West Africa to celebrate the Nile, and a salsa/cumbia style for the Rio Grande. There is even a special appearance from the teachers who represent the Mississippi River.

Whether it is James Brown or Tina Turner, this presentation includes music from around the world. Please join Celebrando el Ritmo for this joyful experience and to see the children of the community shine.

This show is free and open to the public.

Please email the program director, Colleen Macomber, for any questions. You can also donate to Celebrate the Beat on their website.


Grade 9 Roots and Shoots

My name is Bianca and I am a grade nine student at Costa Verde International School in Sayulita. Our school is an ecologically friendly school that provides environmental awareness education to the students and works with the community of Sayulita in ecological activities and awareness. Some examples of this are our organic school garden that we help look after, our practice of the 4 R’s (recycle, reduce, recover and reuse) and Kinder 3 students planting plants on the plaza and caring for them.

Pet of the Week

I'm Bobby, a yellow lab boy. I'm approximately 8 - 10 years old and have grown up here in Sayulita. My present owner has sold my home and cannot take me to the U.S. (He rescued me about two years ago). I had been abandoned when he took me into a good home. I have scars on my legs from auto accidents, but I run and play like a young guy. I'm big, friendly to all, including other dogs, cats, and especially children. I've had all my shots and am very good around the house, inside and out. I mind very well to either English or Spanish commands (chasing the ball is one of my favorites). Is there a place in your home and heart for a guy like me?

Contact SayulitAnimals here!

Photo of the Week

Photo by Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography
This picture shows the entire stretch of our beautiful Sayulita beach, from the south end by Villa Amor, all the way to the north end.

Upcoming Events in Sayulita


March 13
Mercado del Pueblo
10 AM - 2 PM
Av Revolucion

March 13
Live Latin Jazz, Blues & Salsa
8:00 - 10:30 PM
Latitude 20

March 13
Live Jazz with Steve Goldberg
8:00 PM
Zen Garden

March 13
Cantus Eterna, Live Rock
9:30 PM
Bar Don Pato

March 14
Live Reggae with Sayulites 8 year anniversary
9:30 PM
Bar Don Pato

March 15
Live Music & BBQ
2:00 - 6:30 PM
Latitude 20


March 18
Pro Sayulita Annual Meeting
7:00 PM
River Cafe

March 19
Latcho & Andrea Gypsy Flamenco
7:00 PM
Don Pedro's

March 20 - 23
Mex SUP Tour Punta Sayulita SUP Classic
8:00 AM 
Main Beach

March 22
Live Music & BBQ
2:00 - 6:30 PM
Latitude 20

March 26
Celebrate The Beat
6:00 PM
Plaza del Sol, San Pancho


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