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Friday, October 24th, 2014: A weekly source of positive energy
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From the Editor's Desk: 

Happy Friday!

As the days pass, Sayulita continues to gear up for high season. Tacos on the Street and Libreria Sayulita
have recently joined the businesses that have reopened. 

SayulitAnimals will be reopening on Tuesday, October 28th. 

There is definitely more energy in the air as people return to Sayulita for the winter and more tourists come to town. 

Dia de Los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, is approaching. This holiday, which is on November 1st and 2nd, celebrates the lives of those who have passed away. If you are in Sayulita, you will see beautiful memorials througout the plaza, honoring the dead. 

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Thank you for reading,

Stacey Elkins


This Week's El Sayulero

1.  Festival Sayulita Band Lineup Announced
2.  Mattresses for Sayulita Children in Need
3. Match-Sponsor a Turtle Nest Challenge
4.  Adriana Rosiles Shares her Passion for Fashion with Sayulita
5.  The Kids of Sayulita
6.  Don Pedro's Named a Top Beachside Restaurant
7.  Sayulita Fundraiser for La Casa Clu
8.  As a Sayulita Local, What is Your Favorite Thing about Tourist

9.  New and Featured Sayulita Listings
10.  Deals and Specials
11.  Photo of the Week
12.  Upcoming Events in Sayulita 
13.    Reader Quote of the Week
14.  Articles From the Last El Sayulero statistics for the last 30 days

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      Festival Sayulita Band

     Lineup Announced


The highly anticipated, second annual Festival Sayulita is quickly approaching. This event will take place from Wednesday, January 14th through Sunday, January 18th 2015, and once again promises to be five delightfully fun days, including an incredible selection of films, a fantastic selection of tequila, mezcal, national wines, local spirits and craft beer, unique world class surf competitions and new this year, a one day music fest, Festival Sayulita’s JUNGLE ¡LIVE! The excitement for the music fest, which will be on Saturday, January 17th, peaked this last Monday at the announcement of the world-class musical lineup. Gabbi Villarrubia, one of the founders of Festival Sayulita, shares more about JUNGLE ¡LIVE! and the amazing lineup of performers.

Why add a one day Music Fest to Festival Sayulita?

We always envisioned Festival Sayulita to include tons of music. For our first outing, we were prudent and leaned on the safe side of accomplishing all our goals for a strong start, which we feel we did. This year, with a great first year under our belts, we are ready to shake the leaves off the palm trees! But for us, this is not only for the joy of the music, but also for Sayulita! The Concert is a huge part of our reaching our goal of creating a “Centro de Transformación” Community Center for Sayulita. This is Festival Sayulita’s number one objective.  Good music and a great reason to contribute. We are beyond excited! 

Where do the bands originate from?

They come from all over the world, but after January 17th, they will all officially be SAYULEROS!!

Who will be performing and how would you describe the genre of music?

We always knew we wanted to have a mix of international bands and acts from all over Mexico – we feel we nailed it for year one! The line up for
JUNGLE ¡LIVE! is a perfect mix of styles and cultures, with a wonderfully heavy dose of the amazingly textured sounds of Mexico. Our headliners, California’s Dirty Heads bring a Hip-Hop influence to their feel-good, reggae-rock vibe that’s a perfect Sayulita soundtrack. Up next our favorites KONGOS - multi-cultural, multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalists brothers, crafting a unique and irresistible sound spawned from shared DNA, creating rock for our modern world. Los Master Plus – born and bred in Guadalajara, rock the stage with their suave Latin-lover antics, contagiously catchy covers, and original amalgamations of cumbiatrónica with norteña. Guadalajara’s San Juan Project bring an eclectic musical style with cosmopolitan grooves to the rhythm of jazz fusion, electronic, and alternative accents splashed with the urban irreverence of hip-hop. Espuma y Terciopelo’s Maricha Elizundia y Memo Andrés call themselves a Mexican Folk Pop duet of the latest model – modern, while always relying on the Mexican music of their grandparents to give their music soul. Seattle Washington’s Tennis Pro is at times punk, at times surf, and always grounded in melody and electricity. They are also the stars of the Film “Big in Japan” showing in Festival Sayulita’s feature film selection. There are also more bands to announce for the show.

How did you pick this lineup?                                           

Fellow Festival Sayulita founder, Storm Richardson, and I had the awesome pleasure of spending the last few months going through a fairly deep selection of musical acts that would best fit the concert. For the headliners we considered who Mexican fans would be most stoked to see and who were making waves, and really knocked it out with Dirty Heads and KONGOS. We had over 60 acts from all over Mexico submit their bands for consideration via our website, and we feel we ended with a great, well-rounded super-groovin’ show! I’ve become a fan of every band. 

You have yet to announce all of the bands. When will the second announcement be made?

We only have one more band to announce for the concert, and this will happen soon!  But talking music, you can expect tons more music throughout the Festival Sayulita event! From our Opening Ceremony celebrations, to daily Plaza performances, Pairing Dinner music, DJ events on the beach and at Film screenings, great after-hour music/film events like our second annual at Bar Don Patos, and at our first ever Kids Day! Music will fill the air, as Tequila fills the glasses!

What can people expect when they come out for this Sayulita Music Fest?

JUNGLE ¡LIVE! Is going to be a Musical event like no other, because of the fact that not only is it in our awesome town of Sayulita, but it represents Sayulita and all its delights = food, drink and art in a myriad of ways. Sayulita’s Mercado del Pueblo will be a huge part of the landscape, and the Food and Drink is going to be Sayulita’s best and beyond. The concert is not named JUNGLE ¡LIVE! for no reason! The gorgeous Jungle environment comes courtesy of La Familia Rodriguez/Trujillo – multi-generational Sayuleros best known as the family behind Sayulita favorites Ruben’s Deli, Calypso Fine Dining, Fuente Water and Ice, Cruz’s Tiendita and Naty’s Tacos. They have generously donated their Rancho for the event, will be bringing their skills to the concert, and are big believers in the Centro de Transformation Community Center goal. Big love to them!  We will also have dynamic VIP areas, tons of space for all our guests and an amazing food fair, Sayulita style. Not to mention all the awesome Festival Sayulita and Band swag to take home with you! It’s gonna rock!

Last words: Friends of Festival Sayulita, local and around the world! Please join us this January 14-18th for Festival Sayulita 2015 – A celebration of Mexico, Film, Spirits, Food, Music and Surf, in the Bohemian heart of Mexico! Visit and get your tickets November 1st! Viva Sayulita! Orale. 




Mattresses for Sayulita

Children in Need

By Stacey Elkins

Sadly, there are several native families within the Sayulita community in which children sleep on the floor, as they don’t have a mattress to lay their head upon. When Fernando and Carolyn Lazaro and Marusa Rodriguez became aware of the need for something as basic as a mattress, it pressed upon their hearts to make a difference in the life of these children and they decided to take action.

They had heard of a program in San Miguel De Allende based out of the St. Paul Church, which constructs mattresses for children using fabric and plastic bags. This program was started 15 years ago by a German woman and has become a well-known, well-respected and very successful community project. Fernando, Carolyn and Marusa went to San Miguel, volunteered and learned the art of making these mattresses and are now in the midst of replicating this project here in Sayulita.

“This project is a great way to help native children in Sayulita, while also helping to make a difference in the environment. We had been thinking about how we could help those in need and we are very happy that we can make an impact in both ways,” Fernando, Carolyn and Marusa said.

Their initial goal is to make 11 mattresses, as they are currently aware of 11 children in the community who sleep on the floor of their home each night. For each mattress, approximately 1,500 plastic bags are used.

Donations of CLEAN, plastic bags are needed to help make this project successful. Other pieces of plastic can also be used, such as the plastic that covers a case of soda. However, cellophane cannot be used.  You can drop off donations of bags, even ripped ones, and other plastic donations to Costa Verde International School, the Mercado del Pueblo or the apartment above the Libreria Sayulita on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

A classroom of children at Costa Verde will be helping to roll the plastic bags in preparation of stuffing the mattress covers. More volunteers are needed for this, as well as for sewing mattress covers and stuffing the mattress covers with the plastic bags. This is a great opportunity to not only help the needy children in Sayulita, but also to meet and socialize with other like-minded people in our community.

If you would like to volunteer your time or make a monetary or fabric donation, please contact Carolyn Lazaro at or Marusa Rodriguez at Match-Sponsor a
Turtle Nest Challenge

This past week, spoke with the Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita and discovered that they are still in need of businesses and individuals to sponsor turtle nests. Each nest that is sponsored helps to sustain this invaluable Sayulita program and the funds raised are extremely important to the success of this program. To help this turtle camp meet their needs, Sayulita Life challenged the community to adopt a nest and offered to match the first five nests that were adopted.

After posting this challenge on’s Facebook page, Sayulita locals immediately jumped on the challenge. Within three hours, commitments were made to adopt all five nests. Joyeria Sol and Nutrify For Life each adopted one. El Mercado del Pueblo also adopted one, in memory of Debra Curtis. Casa Jacobo adopted two nests. A big thanks to those businesses that stepped up to this challenge and helped support the Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita!

Between and these sponsors, $3,000 pesos was instantly raised and important equipment was able to be purchased. For instance, thermometers that measure the temperature of the sand, flashlights, and baskets to transport the baby turtles are a few of the items that they were able to purchase.

To date, the turtle camp has made a huge impact in the Sayulita community and has collected 306 nests. There are still many turtle nests available for adoption, and at only 300 pesos ($25), it is an affordable way to make a difference.  You could also volunteer your time, as volunteers are still needed through December to go out at night, looking for turtle nests.  Another way to help the cause is to purchase a Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita t-shirt. These shirts are being sold on Sayulita’s beach at the turtle releases, which are now nightly.

If you would like to adopt a nest or volunteer, contact the turtle camp via their Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita Facebook page



Adriana Rosiles Shares her Passion

for Fashion with Sayulita

By Angela Wieland


Two and a half years ago marked the launch of a life long dream for Adriana Rosiles. After years of designing clothing for herself, she decided to start her own fashion line, Adriana Rosiles, opening her first store in Nuevo Vallarta. This past May saw the opening of a second store here in Sayulita. She chose Sayulita due to her love for the town’s people, ambiance and energy.  
Given the ease, elegance, and versatility of her designs, they lend themselves fabulously to both beach and resort living, while also working in a more urban setting. In addition to her two stores in Nayarit, her clothes are also sold at high end boutiques and luxury stores in Cancun, Mexico City, Lazaro Cardenas, and San Miguel de Allende, to name a few.
Her clothing’s signature style combines elegance, comfort, simplicity, and is designed to flatter women of all ages and sizes. Adrianna produces two to three collections per year, though she does not focus on time lines. Instead she designs whenever she is inspired and her creativity must be expressed. Fabrics of choice include chiffon and viscose, with some styles and colors becoming staples in the collection, while others are seasonal. While her clothing is primarily designed for summer, she is now also focusing on adding garments that can be worn during the winter months, primarily in warmer climates, like Sayulita. Signature designs include caftans, 
cover-ups, and capes, although dresses, long sleeve blouses and pants are just a few of the other garments available.
She is working with the government in the state of Nayarit to produce a fashion show showcasing her current collection on November 22nd which will also promote Sayulita, and include several other local stores and their jewelry, bags, and other accessories.
Adriana Rosiles is located on Marlin Street, very near the beach, just up the block from Don Pedro's.


The Kids of Sayulita

     By Stacey Elkins

 Sayulita is a truly enchanting pueblo full of culture, beautiful people and playful children with kind, happy, free-spirited souls. Geoffrey Roy, from La Rochelle, France, recognized this beauty immediately in his travels that have brought him across Canada, the United States and now, Mexico. While traveling, he shares with the world his insights on respect for human rights, ecology and culture via his blog, Travel and Roll, and various other social media outlets. “Sharing my experiences and striving to make a difference adds more purpose to my travels,” Geoffrey confided.

One of the ways that Geoffrey communicates about his experiences is via photography. He likes to capture the spirit and the heart of a place. He makes it a habit to dive into the community, walk around neighborhoods and talk with the locals. He observes his surroundings, looking for beauty in everyday things. On one of his walks in Sayulita, he happened upon several young Mexican girls playing in front of their homes.

“I love how beautiful and happy the children are here in Sayulita. Rather than being indoors in front of video games, they run around barefoot outdoors, laughing and playing and simply sharing a connection with nature. This is unique to much  of the world. It was this essence and beauty that I wanted to capture in a photo and share with others,” said Geoffrey.

And capture the joy, the light in their eyes and their natural, pure smiles is exactly what he did in the photograph he took of the four young Sayulita girls. Geoffrey shared this photo on his
page and it has had over 15,000 views in the last few months. In fact, it has been such an inspirational photo that he has been approached by the World of Children Award for the rights to the image.

To thank the girls and show his appreciation for their wonderful, authentic smiles, Geoffrey printed a copy of the image for each of the girls. He went in search for them and found them at a neighborhood party, surrounded by family and friends. Initially, the parents misunderstood and thought that he was trying to sell them the images of the girls. When they realized he was offering the photos as a gift, they were extremely touched and it was an emotional moment for everyone.

“I feel a connection with the people of Sayulita. They show me kindness and I want to show them kindness in return,” shared Geoffrey.

If you would like to learn more about Geoffrey and his travels, visit his Travel and Roll website or his Travel and Roll Facebook page




Don Pedro's Named a Top
Beachside Restaurant

USA Today Travel has named Don Pedro's as one of the top beachside restaurants on Mexico's Pacific Coast.

This article mentions the wonderful view from the second floor, as well as the opportunity to sit with your toes in the sand on the beach. They rave about the Mexican-style seafood and also make note of other great food options, such as the mesquite-grilled filet mignon and the wood-fired oven pizzas.

What an honor to have one of Sayulita's very own restaurants on this exclusive list. Congratulations to Don Pedro's for making the list!



Sayulita Fundraiser for La Casa Clu
By Angela Wieland

Photo of Jessica Zepeda by Soula Kalamaras Photography

Pachamama hosted a fundraising event in Sayulita on Thursday, October 23rd for La Casa Clu, which is a non-profit organization established by Jessica Zepeda in 2013, which works to break the cycle of violence and poverty for the families of San Ignacio. The event featured a live band, dancing, delicious food, juices, and cocktails, as well as a silent auction.

The organization was created out of a desire to take action to do something to break the cycle and change the future for many of the families of San Ignacio. This program provides a much needed resource for the community. La Casa Clu provides a variety of workshops for the approximately 80 children that are currently part of the program, including African drumming, drawing, painting, crochet, various sports, Capoeira, construction, etc. The children are also taught basic skills such as reading and writing.

Jessica's philosophy is "love, hug, and game therapy," which rewards the children for good behavior, as opposed to punishing them for acting bad. The center provides a positive environment and ambiance where they can feel free, secure, and build their self-esteem by learning new skills and being rewarded for their contributions. They are taught that they must work and earn what they want.  

The center also provides psychological therapy for the parents, as well as helping them find jobs. Additionally, there is a co-operative for the women to make jam and bread which will be sold at the farmer's markets to not only raise money for their families, but to empower them, especially those in abusive situations with limited options. The parents are encouraged to become involved at the center with various projects as needed.

As San Ignacio is known for the birds in the area, a program will begin in a month which will teach some of the older kids to become bird watching guides. They will receive a certificate at the end of the 6 month program, while also learning that they can earn a living by supporting and taking care of nature. There are bird watching trips open to the public each Thursday at 5:00 p.m. at Casa Clu in San Ignacio.

Local businesses who donated goods and services to the fundraiser included Evoke the Spirit, Revolucion Del Sueno, Earth Sangha Art by Kristine Hill, Healing Arts by Ricardo Moreno, La Rustica, Burrito Revolution, Ruben's Deli and Debbie de la Cueva. Catering was provided by Fajita Banana, Manjares, El Itacate, Postres de Mimi, Yeikame, and Falafel and Friends.

The fundraiser raised over 15,000 pesos which will be used to build a much needed storage room, and to help fund the workshops. The long range dream is to buy the land on which the center resides and to create a park. As La Casa Clu has no regular donators, anyone interested in contributing funds, time, skills, or materials, can contact Jessica at There is also a need for home schooling volunteers. The next fundraiser will be held in Sayulita sometime in December. To learn more about this organization, check out their website or their Facebook page


As a Sayulita Local, What is
Your Favorite Thing about
Tourist Season?

Carlos Rosales Torres      

I like all the people and to see them have fun on the beach, surfing and swimming. 

Patrick Dibart

The diversity of people from all over the world and how friendly and happy everyone is. Everyone greets each other and there is a great energy in the air. I also like how the temperature is cooler. 

Jorge Figueroa and Rogelio Ruiz

There are more people in town and it helps the economy and it's better for everyone. We're very thankful to the tourists who come and support our families and the economy. 

Chelsea Hammond

Meeting new interesting people from all over the world. Some only stay a week, while others stay longer, but it is always nice meeting people from all different walks of life. 



That it is winter and the air is cooler after the really hot summer. After 5:00 p.m., it is cooler, particularly in December and January. 


New and Featured Sayulita Listings

For Sale: Ocean Front Lot 

Lote Litibu is a 1/2 block to the beach in a neighborhood of fine homes. This is an ideal lot to build on. Electric and telephone lines accessed in front of lot. Centrally located between Punta de Mita and Sayulita.

Click here for more information.

Deals and Specials

The following special will run from Friday, October 24th through Thursday, November, 6th. To get this special deal, mention this ad in El Sayulero.

Latitude 20 - Get 10% off all food items from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Make sure to wash it down with a Jamica Gingitini, made with Absolute vodka, hibiscus agua fresca and lime, for only 50 pesos. This drink special is also from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

Latitude 20, formerly Don Chow, brings you a whole new concept. This restaurant offers a fusion of Mexican, Carribean, and Asian cuisine and cocktails, based on culinary styles of Thailand, Vietnam, Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, including their favorite smoked BBQ! 

Look for new deals and specials in the next El Sayulero!
Photo of the Week
Photo by Geoffrey Roy with Travel And Roll
The sunsets in Sayulita can be amazingly bright, colorful, therapeutic and simply breathtaking. Moments like these are one of the reasons Sayulita is such a wonderful and magical place in which to live or vacation. 

Upcoming Events in Sayulita
October 27th
Intensive Spanish Class
Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
CVIS Language Center

October 30th
Art a Curious Thing - An Art Show Featuring the Work of Steven Marsh
Gallery Evening/Meet the Artist (All paintings for sale)
6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Click here to view our community calendar.

Reader Quote of the Week

I am  a long-distance owner and Sayulita lover.

Based on the past several issues, I had resigned myself (sadly) to El Sayulero becoming just an advertising vehicle.

I am so happy today to see a great mix of stories - including the ones on eco materials, the man who works at Costa Verde, Sr. Gomez's visit, and the family portrait, as well as comments from the community.

You are the voice of Sayulita for those of us who are far away. Thanks for giving me such a great snapshot of what's happening now. Keep it up - we're paying attention!

Lisa B.


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6.  Cupping with Jessica Lusk Massage Therapy
7.   Eco/Leadership Retreats in Sayulita, Mexico
8.  Do You Think this Tourist Season will be Busier than Last Year and       Why?



Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.
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