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A bi-monthly source of positive energy and information for the village of Sayulita, Mexico
Friday, June 5th, 2015
From the Editor's Desk:

Happy Friday!

Summer has hit and the town is quieter, with less events and activities going on. This is the perfect time of year to catch up with friends, enjoy the sunsets, see turtles laying eggs on the beach, and making great memories.  

We had our first rain of the season on Sunday. We didn't get much rain, but there was a lot of excitement over these first drops. It looks like we should be expecting more rain soon, which should help cool off these hot and humid days we've been having. 

Just a reminder, next Saturday, June 13th is the monthly Sayulita beach clean up. Meet at El Break at 10:00am to participate. The clean up generally only lasts an hour or so. 

Notice: We are moving to our summer schedule of a monthly El Sayulero. So, look for the next issue on Friday, July 3rd. 

Thank you for reading this edition of El Sayulero,

Stacey Elkins
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(Visits) Villa Amor
(Reviews) Casa Higuera

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(Visits) Don Pedro's

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Buy/Sell/Trade any and all of your Sayulita items. Easy to list. Easy to buy. Easy to sell. Best of all it's 100% free. Check it out here.

Mundo Verde Sustainable Architecture for Sayulita


It is evident when talking with Javier Oliva and Laura Maiz, owners of Mundo Verde, a green architectural firm in Sayulita, how much they love their work. They light up as they talk about past and future projects, as well as their commitment to sustainability. “We design projects to use as little electricity and water as possible. We have three children and we want to leave them a better world,” the couple shared.


Axel Project Donates
Bikes to Costa Verde


Axel Project, based in Ridgway, Colorado, made a generous donation of five Strider bicycles to the Costa Verde International School in Sayulita last month. This non-profit organization believes that a productive and happy life starts with bikes. Their mission is to introduce bicycling to children and their families and help nurture a passion for biking. 

Horseback Riding with
Vista Paraiso Tours & Activities

Photo by Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography

Wednesday afternoon the sun was shining and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. I was at Vista Paraiso's ranch in Higuera Blanca, just a short distance from Sayulita, to go horseback riding. I sat atop my horse, Dorado, who is gentle and gorgeous, with his brown coat and flowing black mane. As our tour guide, Pedro, set off on his mule, my horse, and the horses of Andrea Krusch and Vitaly Motuz from Alberta, Canada, and Camilla Fuchs from Sayulita, followed suit. Camilla’s horse, Rey, a spunky, white horse with brown spots, grabbed a banana leaf in his mouth as he started to walk and when the leaf sprung back and hit Camilla, we both exploded in laughter.


Tim B Photography & Google Views

Tim Baldwin, owner of Tim B Photography & Google Views in Sayulita, first developed an interest in photography in high school. “My dad gave me his old SLR and a friend and I would go take photos. I always enjoyed photography, but never thought much about professional photography until Google offered me a job teaching photographers how to do virtual tours—basically promotional tours for businesses using Google Street View technology,” shared Tim.


Interview with Lauren Toker 
of Nicoella Event Design


Lauren Toker, with a background in design and prop styling, specializes in event planning along with her husband, Nick Challed, a professional DJ who creates specialized playlists for clients, serves as an MC, and provides all other sound management. Nicoella Event Design can be hired as a duo, or individually, and bring a unique and memorable experience to any Sayulita event.


Costa Verde to Celebrate Family Day


Costa Verde International School has a very unique and special learning environment that brings together many different families from all over the world and from here in Sayulita. The school welcomes and celebrates the diverse cultures of our families and creates opportunities for students to share their special traditions and practices. 

New and Featured Sayulita Listings

SOLD (via Sayulita Life): Flora Amor

Congratulations to the new owners!

"It ( worked! We are 
in the paperwork stage of a sale... She found it on El Sayulero!!!! We got almost what we asked for. More than happy!"

-Susan Dagen, Owner 


What Do You Do to Cool Off 
on Hot Days in Sayulita?

Jose Pliego

Go to the beach and swim or drink a beer. 
Irma Duran Hidalgo
I do activities and crafts at the senior center. The teacher tells us that it is very important to stay active and healthy in the summer.
Bob Clawson
Georgetown, Colorado

I go to the beach and have some beers.
Aldo Alejandro

I eat ice cream. 
Oswaldo Vallejo

When I am home, I get in the pool at my house.

Pet of the Week

Yes! It's me! Guschti from El Monteon. I am still shy, but at the same time, I'm a "happy so luck"- type of guy. I am now ready for adoption, but SayulitAnimals will be very specific about who is going to get me! Sara says that she was in love with me, so she will make sure that I get to go to be with someone who equally loves me. So, if you think you deserve me, please talk to Sara at SayulitAnimals.

Contact SayulitAnimals here!
Photo of the Week

Photo by Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography
Sayulita's sky was glowing as the sun was about to set behind the clouds that brought us our first rain of the season!

Upcoming Events in Sayulita


June 5-12
Negroni Week - A drink for a cause
5:00 PM
Hotel Cielo Rojo and Bistro Organico


Announcing The New Sayulita App

There is a brand new app available for Sayulita. Useful for visitors and locals alike, the Sayulita App is full of valuable, free information on what to do and where to go in Sayulita. Info on beaches, SUP, fishing and much more, including photos, tips, articles and maps. You can access all this great information without having to be online to use it.

The best part: You can upgrade the Sayulita App to include coupons and save over $4500 USD at local businesses. So whether you are in Sayulita as a visitor or a resident, live like a local and get the insider discounts with the Sayulita App, where you can save big while supporting local charities.

Sayulita App is available on The App Store and Google Play. Download today! 


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Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.
Ian & Kerry Hodge Stacey Elkins Valorie Vanrheen
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