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From the Editor's Desk: 

Happy Friday!

There are now signs that the tourist season is quickly approaching. Several businesses have reopened this week, including Don Juan's, Latitutude 20 Sayulita (formerly Don Chow) and Yah Yah Cafe. Fajita Banana will be reopening tonight.

People who have been gone for several months are also starting to return to Sayulita. Within the next few weeks, we will likely see the return of many more. 

While we did have a short reprieve from the hot and sticky temperatures, it once again has been very hot and humid. Hopefully we will get some rain this week to offer relief from this heat. 

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This Week's El Sayulero

1.  Eco Sayulita Focuses on Biodegradable Products
2.  Jane Maroni Organic Design Studio
3.  Servando Avila Gaona: A Man on a Mission in Sayulita
4.  Municipal President's First Time Visit Brings Exciting News to                Sayulita
5.  A Less Stressful Life in Sayulita
6.  Cupping with Jessica Lusk Massage Therapy
7.   Eco/Leadership Retreats in Sayulita, Mexico
8.  Do You Think this Tourist Season will be Busier than Last Year and       Why?
9.  New and Featured Sayulita Listings
10.  Deals and Specials
11.  Photo of the Week
12.  Upcoming Events in Sayulita statistics for the last 30 days

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Eco Sayulita Focuses on

Biodegradable Products

Photos by Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography

Eco Sayulita formed early this year in an effort to make Sayulita a greener, more sustainable town. This group has organized river clean-ups; working to ensure that the water flowing into the river is clean and planting tule in the river to help filter out the pollutants. They also are working on a line of all natural cleaning supplies. One of the main focuses of this group is replacing Styrofoam and plastic products in Sayulita with compostable ones made from natural materials.

Why is the endeavor to replace these items with biodegradable products so important?

Sayulita is a tourist destination and as a result, we produce a lot of garbage for such a small town. Unfortunately a big chunk of that garbage is “single use products” made from Styrofoam and plastic. For instance, a large number of food vendors will serve your food on a non-recyclable container. You eat your food, toss the container and then it sits in the landfill, unable to break down.

What types of products are for sale?  

There are various sizes of to-go boxes, cups, lids, straws, plates, shopping bags and garbage bags.

If a business or restaurant does not offer a biodegradable option, what can a customer do?

People can carry a backpack or a cloth bag and use that bag to carry groceries or other store bought items. They can take a storage container to the butcher and ask that their meat be put into that container. They also can request that the business carry compostable products.

How can switching to products made from all natural materials benefit a business?

These days a lot of people are conscientious about the environment and how they can make changes to live a greener lifestyle. A fairly easy change is to try to eliminate the use of plastic and Styrofoam, which many people are doing. Eco Sayulita will be acknowledging the businesses that are carrying biodegradable products as eco-friendly businesses. They will receive a display of some sort, such as a poster, to acknowledge their participation in this program. They will also be named on the Eco Sayulita website to advertise and promote their sustainable efforts. In addition, a new Mercado del Pueblo website will be announced soon and will also include a complete list of green businesses.

Which Sayulita businesses are currently on board?

Several local stores and restaurants are currently using these products or have committed to using them. This includes ChocoBanana, Don Pedro’s, Orangy Smoothies, Yeikame, Latitude 20 Sayulita (formerly named Don Chow), Ruben's Deli, Gypsy Gallery, Melly Milagro,
Las Sirenas Beach Club, Panino's Bakery, Medusa, El Break and several mom and pop corner stores. Also, all of the vendors at the Mercado del Pueblo will be using biodegradable containers.

How can an order be placed?

Contact Eric Steinman or Stephen Dabrowski through the Eco Sayulita Facebook page. The Mercado del Pueblo, opening on November 7th, will also have some of these containers available for purchase. Stop by to take a look and get more information about these products.




Jane Maroni Organic Design Studio

By Stacey Elkins

Within minutes of talking with Jane Maroni, owner of Jane Maroni Organic Design Studio, it is obvious that she is passionate and driven by her work. “I love art and I see art in everything. I love what I do and I love the entire process. It is part of me,” proclaimed Jane who incorporates Mother Nature’s creations and embellishes them into breathtakingly beautiful furniture, jewelry and sculptures.

Jane has an incredible ability to combine pieces of wood, barnacles, coconuts, bones, shells, rocks and other interesting treasures she discovers along the Lo de Marcos beach; using them  to make unique Eco-Motion Sculptures that embody a raw, primitive bohemian style.

“I design the sculptures and my husband, Chris, breathes life into them with his engineering abilities. He gets it. He understands me and he knows exactly what I am trying to achieve. Without him, they would simply be one dimensional,” said Jane.

It is fascinating to watch these mobiles gently perform while hanging. The natural beauty of each one-of-a-kind design is something to behold. “Watching them move is therapy for me. They help me to relax,” Jane stated.  

Sara Briner, one of the women behind SayulitAnimals, is a huge fan of these mobiles and owns seven of them. “Her work is absolutely divine. I can look at them for hours and I am mesmerized by them. Even though they are constantly changing, they give me a strong sense of peace and tranquility and a deep connection to nature. I need that with my work. It’s hard to explain, but these mobiles are simply magical,” said Sara.

Artefakto, an original home décor store in Sayulita, has one of Jane’s mobiles prominently displayed in the front window. This store will be the only store in town selling these Eco-Motion Sculptures. 

Jane and Chris are adding furniture to their collection this year. This is an exciting endeavor and will include tables, benches and lamps. “I am always trying to imagine and create something new and interesting, forever trying to raise the bar and inspire myself and my clients,” said Jane.

Jane is also very enthusiastic to be introducing handmade jewelry by Yoly Lopez Renteria, a Lo de Marcos local jeweler, who uses brightly colored beads and threads, crystals, turquoise and even hand thread pearls.

Jane’s studio is located in Lo de Marcos, just a short drive from Sayulita, next to Lenny Parra’s Horse Tours. She is happy to meet with potential clients by appointment only. If you would like to view Jane’s unique creations, contact her via Jane Maroni Organic Design Studio



Servando Avila Gaona: A Man on a

Mission in Sayulita

     By Angela Wieland

While many Sayulita residents are undoubtedly familiar with Costa Verde International School, most are probably unaware of a man working predominantly behind the scenes, but whose work and philosophy are central to the beauty, creativity, environmental and ecological responsibility that goes into the school. Servando Avila Gaona originally came to Costa Verde as his sister was running the ESL program there. Though he holds a teaching degree in English, he taught Spanish and helped coordinate the middle school. 
However, after awhile he asked to be more involved in the grounds, taking an active interest in the plants and garden, which at that time was minimal. He began to study and learn about horticulture, and in time started teaching ecoscience. He has been instrumental in the continued expansion of the overall environment at the school, responsible for constructing buildings, fencing, composting (including the pages of old textbooks that previously had been thrown away), and the proliferation of the gorgeous plants that both decorate and provide food. Whenever possible, he uses materials found in nature, such as bamboo, and is a master of upcycling items into new and useful things, perhaps far removed from their original purpose. For example, he has painted an old tire and made it into a planter, used the rotten fibrous innards of a palm tree as ground cover, and turned the exterior into another whimsical pot for plants, used old pallets to construct a fence, and is now contributing to the creation of cigarette butt receptacles made out of plastic water bottles that, with the help of the children, will soon be placed on the main beach in Sayulita. In addition to reducing waste, he wants to show that much can be accomplished with limited funds.
As a strong proponent of ecological sustainability, he is now focused on permaculture, a way of producing food which in essence replicates the processes found in nature. All inhabitants in an ecosystem, e.g. the trees, plants, flowers, insects, animals, contribute to and are essential in its’ overall ability to thrive.  No part of nature should be discarded or killed. This message is passed along to the children who attend classes here, and who are involved in the upkeep of the garden. He believes, “we are all teachers in life, we all contribute”, and dismisses the notion that an individual alone cannot create change, believing instead that the seeds start with each individual, and that efforts will spread and in time, a huge difference will be realized. While recycling is better than nothing, it is expensive and utilizes a lot of resources.  A better solution is to avoid purchasing such items in the first place.
He has a goal of producing enough food on site to eventually feed the 160 children who attend the school in Sayulita, with dreams of creating a roof garden, among other ideas.  Given the limited resources of any school, he is doing what he can to raise funds so he can continue with all the projects he has in mind to create the best possible environment for the students and visitors of the school.  Plants grown on site will be available at the upcoming Mercado del Pueblo, and there are plans to sell nutrient rich soil and tea (for plants not people) made from red worm compost.  He is also considering a donation box for those who would like to tour the Costa Verde International School and grounds, which are continually being enhanced by his strong initiative, commitment, and creativity.  He is truly a remarkable individual.
If interested in volunteering or donating to his vision in Sayulita, you can contact Servando at
Lastly, he is working with family to build cabins on their land in Uzeta, which is about 2 hours away, where he plans to host individuals or groups interested in learning (Spanish, ecology, etc) and/or sightseeing, as there are nearby Aztec ruins, hot springs, and the El Ceboruco volcano to name but a few.


Municipal President's First Time Visit

Brings Exciting News to Sayulita

By Angela Wieland

September 30th marked the first time a Municipal Presidente of Bahia de Banderas came to visit Sayulita, which was orchestrated by Pro Sayulita. In attendance were representatives from the Sayulita business association, Vigilantes and other members of the Federal and Municipal Government. 

In addition to hearing local concerns, Mr. Gomez, Presidente Municipal, alongside Nayarit Minister of Tourism, Rodrigo Perez, announced some exciting news. The Governor of Nayarit has nominated Sayulita to be one of 10 new Pueblos Magicos (Magic Villages) in the whole of
Mexico. This program selects Mexican Towns that are unique, beautiful, and culturally and/or historically rich, which offer visitors a magical experience. In addition, Mr. Gomez informed the group that Sayulita is being considered for one of five station which will provide central service, such as health care, civil protection, transit police, fire control and ambulance service. 

At the meeting, problems and solutions were discussed relating to sewer, garbage, tap water supply, ocean water quality, environmental efforts (including the turtles), ecology, lifeguards, roads and parking. 

Pro Sayulita is proud to announce the government team will be back in 30 days to discuss solutions and implementation.

Pro Sayulita thanks its' many donors for their ongoing support and will join with their local partners in doing everything possible to assist this process. 

A Less Stressful Life in Sayulita
By Stacey Elkins

Photo by Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography
Stress unfortunately seems to be a central theme in a lot of people’s lives these days. Between work, raising kids and other commitments, many people are finding themselves in positions where stress is an everyday part of life.  Here is the story of one young family who began searching for a lifestyle change and found their way to a home in Sayulita.

Two years ago, Kristen and Clint Coddington of Boise, Idaho began looking for a place to relocate to and raise their three children, 10 year old Grace, 8 year old Claire and 6 year old Clinton. They were specifically seeking a location with a slower pace of life, a more family oriented atmosphere and a different culture from that which they were accustomed to.

At the suggestion of a friend, they visited Sayulita in June of 2013. They fell in love with the town and the relaxed pace of life and returned to Idaho to plan their move to Sayulita.

However, during the family’s stay in Mexico, Clint was experiencing chest pain and could not even walk down the beach without feeling pain. Back home in Idaho he sought out a cardiologist, who discovered that his heart had 98% blockage and told him that he needed a double bypass surgery.  That very week, at 39 years old, he underwent heart surgery.

After the surgery, Kristen and Clint reevaluated their situation and their decision to move to Sayulita. While they originally had planned to move in March, they now decided that their move was going to be now or never. So after Clint recovered from surgery, the couple put their belongings in storage, sold their house and decided to take a sabbatical from work.

Clint had been employed as an attorney working long hours at his computer in a cubicle. His work was time sensitive with constant deadlines to meet. Kristen had been working as a paralegal, which is also not without stress.

In January of 2014 they drove five days from Boise to Sayulita with their three kids and two dogs in tow.

The couple is happy with the decision that they made. “Parenting seems to be less stressful here. The kids don’t live such structured lives and there’s not as much running around to get to their activities. Here children run around, climb trees, jump off rocks, run on the beach and just get to be kids. It’s exactly how we want our kids to grow up,” they said.

The children are currently enrolled at Costa Verde International School and attend school from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Back in Idaho, school would let out at 4:00 p.m., leading to a very chaotic few hours with homework, making dinner and the kids unwinding from school. With their current school schedule it allows the family to do fun activities before the evening routine begins.

They enjoy spending time at Playa Litibu, a short drive from Sayulita, and stop several times a week at Km5 Surf Bar & Restaurant for a relaxing lunch. They also frequent Don Juan's and appreciate the laid back atmosphere of the restaurant. 

They find that their day to day worries are less across the board. If one of their children get sick, there are not the worries about insurance premiums and the hoops to jump through to make sure the kids are covered.  For instance, they have sought treatment for ear infections at the San Pancho hospital, a short drive from Sayulita, and were pleased with their experience. “The trip to the hospital was quick and easy. They were very efficient and the cost was inexpensive,” the couple stated.

They also have made an effort to cut back on the constant stimulation from television, phones, video games and the computer. Both Clint and Kristen have given up their iphones and have disengaged from the constant need to be connected via email and text messages. As a whole, the family leads an active life outdoors and spends a lot of quality family time together. “Here your mind can focus on the present. You can just be,” said Kristen.



Cupping with Jessica Lusk
Massage Therapy
By Stacey Elkins

I had heard of cupping before, but I knew virtually nothing about this ancient Chinese practice prior to my appointment with Jessica Lusk Massage Therapy. I was under the assumption that it involved fire, which sounds a little scary. However, I was more intrigued than scared and was excited to experience this practice for myself.

While Jessica works out of Hotelito Los Suenos, she also offers the convenience of home visits in Sayulita. So last week, Jessica met Hanne Baert, business manager of, and me at Hanne’s home for cupping treatments

Jessica is a nationally certified massage therapist and also has a certification for cupping therapy from the International Cupping Therapy Association. I was immediately impressed with Jessica’s knowledge of this practice as she explained the benefits, the various techniques used and the large number of issues that can be treated.

She explained that different cups are used based on the treatment that is being sought. For instance, glass cups are used in combination with fire to lift the tissues, draw toxins out and increase the circulation of blood and lymph. This is done by using fire to create a vacuum seal.

Jessica demonstrated this traditional technique on both Hanne and me. A cotton ball was soaked in alcohol, lit on fire and held in the belly of the cup for a few seconds. The cup was then placed on the skin, which creates a vacuum. I felt slight warmth when the cup was placed on my back, but there was absolutely no discomfort. I was amazed as I watched Hanne’s skin be sucked into the cup, rise up and turn bright red in color. While it looked like it would be painful, Hanne joked that Jessica’s massage table needed an attached drool cup because she was so relaxed.

It is also common for plastic cups and silicone cups to be used in cupping treatments. Some of the cups use a manual hand pump, while others are squeezed to release air from the inside of the cup which creates suction on the skin. Cupping can be used to treat chronic pain, arthritis, fine lines and wrinkles, asthma, insomnia, cellulite, brighten tattoos and so much more.

I broke my back in a car accident when I was 16 years old and regularly feel discomfort in my mid-back and an urge to pop it. Due to this, Jessica determined that a magnetic blanket was the best treatment for me. This treatment uses plastic cups with alternating positive and negative magnets, over the entire back. The combination of the suction and magnets help to release tension and pain in the back, realign energy flow and release toxins.

At first it was an extremely strange sensation as Jessica secured 16 cups over my back. It felt as if a heavy x-ray protective blanket was placed over me.  There was also an initial itching, which Jessica assured me was normal. As the cups sat on my back, Jessica gave me a foot massage and used a silicone cup to massage my legs. The pressure in the cups lessened and the heaviness dissipated to a wonderful, relaxing sensation. When the treatment was over, I felt so incredibly relaxed that I did not want to move.

The next day my mid-back did not ache as usual, nor did I have the urge to pop it. There were a few dark marks across my mid-back and shoulders, which many people mistake for a bruise, though it’s not. It’s actually discoloration due to toxins coming out of the skin. These spots faded away over the next few days as I continued to have less pain in my back.

If you’d like to experience cupping therapy for yourself or would like a massage in Sayulita, contact Jessica at Jessica Lusk Massage Therapy.


Eco/Leadership Retreats

in Sayulita, Mexico

These days there is movement toward "Conscious Capitalism" or if you prefer the other side of the coin, "Ethical Socialism." The problem is, if the movement is to take hold, shouldn't we get some sort of training? How does a leader (or anyone) make a conscious decision in the workplace to make their internal and external environment "friendly?" What choices should they make to uphold the values of their employees, shareholders, significant others and other stakeholders? Enter Sayulita Eco Retreats

Sayulita Eco Retreats is an experience offered by nPRES Consulting and supported be a community oflike-minded professionals and businesses. Doreen Jacklin, owner of nPRES Consulting, says "In our own ways, we are living, growing and developing our practice to embrace the natural laws of nature in our wellness and performance. We understand we have an unbreakable connection to nature that can empower us to live healthy, as well as perform remarkable tasks and obtain rewarding success. First, we need a place to learn about nature and reflect on our unbreakable connection. Sayulita Eco Retreats provides this place for individuals, families and organizations."  

The retreats are designed to explore the meaningful connections found in nature and how they can be applied to enhance wellness and performance. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the program's activities, connect with nature, participate in an earthen project and enoy other opportunities found in beautiful Sayulita, Mexico. By the end of the retreat, guests will have more awareness of how nature's wellness and performance connects with their own and how they can construct a more supportive lifestyle and/or work environment. Businesses, groups and families can work with Doreen to creat a custom eco-friendly retreat too!

Doreen decided to change her life practices to better embrace the natural laws of nature. It is no surprise that Doreen's favorite phrase is "Be the change you will to in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi.

Come join her on January 24th through the 31st, 2015 for an Eco Wellness retreat experience and start constructing the change you would like to see. Go to Sayulita Eco Retreats to book your trip or contact Doreen directly at


Do You Think this Tourist Season will be Busier than Last Year
and Why?

Rod Rosile, Sayulita Investment Realty

From a real estate perspective, yes, I believe that the coming tourist season will be very good for Sayulita. Last season was good, and this season is shaping up to be even better. I say this because we still have a lot of momentum from last season which is carrying into this coming season. Real estate sales have been picking up steadily over the last twelve months. We already have several confirmed appointments with interested buyers, starting in October and continuing through February. I also understand that rental bookings are up this season, which translates to a lot of people visiting Sayulita... either for the first time or people that are returning because they fell in love with Sayulita the last time they visited. I also think that Americans and Canadians are feeling more confident that Sayulita, and Mexico in general, is a great vacation destination as well as a good investment. Here’s to a great 2015 season!

Nora Gonzalez, Ally Cat Sailing Adventures

Yes, I think it will be a busier season. With Sayulita being advertised more and more, people are getting word of our hidden paradise and that is bringing more tourism. And unfortunately, the devastation that Cabo experienced this year, will also likely stir more tourism in Sayulita. Get ready for a busy season! All of us locals are very blessed to call Sayulita home!
Othon Velasco (Papi), La Terrazola

Yes, I think this will be a very good tourist season. We are getting more wedding reception and birthday party inquiries and bookings.

Miguel Muro, Sayulita Cafe

Yes, I think Sayulita will be busier this year. Our town is becoming more popular as a tourist destination. Also, with the unfortunate recent natural disasters in other tourist destinations, travelers will be looking for another place to travel. 


Yesi Ramos, Cafe El Espresso 

Yes, I think that this season is going to be better than last year. We have not had that slow of a summer and have been pretty busy. Last October was very quiet and this October has been very busy. I think that this is a good indication that this year will be busier. 


New and Featured Sayulita Listings

Casa Los Amigos

Congratulations to Sayulita Investment Reality on another sale! We welcome the new owners to Sayulita!

Click here to see what you missed.

Deals and Specials

The following special will run from Friday, October 10th through Thursday, October, 23rd. To get this special deal, mention this ad in El Sayulero.

Orangy Smoothies - Get a Super Breakfast Bowl and a Juice for only 95 pesos!

Enjoy this delicious and nutritious breakfast of organic yogurt with chia, flax, gogi berries and spirulina, pus your choice of banana, mango or berries and granola de la casa and bee pollen. 

While you are there, pick up a bottle of All-Natural, All-Purpose Citrus Vinegar Cleaner for only 15 pesos!

Look for new deals and specials in the next El Sayulero!
Photo of the Week
Photo by Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography
As Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography sat watching the sun set with her fiance at the north end of Sayulita's main beach, a group of young people passed by and they started talking. As it turned out, this group traveled here from all over the world and randomly met here just this week. From left to right, they are from Canada, Estonia, United States and Mexico. Sayulita unites!

Upcoming Events in Sayulita
October 19th
Traditional Mexican Cuisine Cooking Class
with Chef Daniel of Mexotic
5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Rooftop kitchen at Hotelito los Suenos

Click here to view our community calendar.


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